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[RL] Because these two had to talk

He couldn’t have said what possessed him to do it. Prayers hadn’t crossed his lips or mind since he was nine years old. Even prior to that praying had been more of habit than an act of belief. So it was especially strange when, in the deepest depths of his nocturnal Hell, fueled by several holiday-induced weeks worth of nightmares and exhausted by a near-deficit of sleep, his desperate thoughts turned to the angel.

'Even you,' some rebellious corner of his mind cried. 'If you could take all of this away I might even worship you, you sanctimonious prick.'

He regretted the thought the moment he thought it. He was disgusted by the very idea of praying to some unfeeling, self-righteous tyrant or any other being that thought themselves above him. Doing something so damnably foolish helped to drag him from that moment of extreme weakness. Chest aching, he rolled over in bed, curled in on himself and struggled to control his haggard breathing. At least he could take comfort in the fact that only he would ever know how pathetically low he had sunk.
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“I no longer have a right to be sanctimonious.” The voice, low and gruff, came from behind Edgeworth. Castiel stood near the bed, staring beyond the darkness of the ceiling.
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The angel turned a puzzled expression on Edgeworth, squinting at his shadowed form. “Why do humans say that? How am I-- how am I supposed to ‘warn’ my ‘arrival’,” punctuated by air quotes, “if not by speaking?”
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"Exaggerations," Castiel grunted with a shake of his head. "Medieval nonsense. There are no heralds trumpeting our arrival, and certainly not any bells." He caught Edgeworth’s gaze again. "And if I spoke directly to your mind, your brain would hemorrhage. Perhaps that would be adequate warning?"
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"My rudeness. My rudeness?" Something like a laugh escaped the angel’s throat. "Well, then, I do hope you’ll forgive me for trying to answer your prayers, Miles Edgeworth. It was apparently very, very rude. Goodnight," he spat.

And with that, he was gone.
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Several minutes passed without interruption. It seemed Castiel was gone for good, until he reappeared by the door leading to the balcony, briefly preceded by the sound of flapping wings.

"I’m... on the other side of the room, now," he warned. His voice was quieter this time, with an almost sheepish quality.
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Castiel watched Edgeworth from the corner of his eye, studying his unmoving form, and then looked away. "I apologize. I’m not... feeling like myself tonight."
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"Deals aren't Heaven's area," Castiel said. "Even if you were willing to pay, I couldn't do what it is you want. Not without consequence."
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The question hung in the air for a few moments. Castiel stared at the sliver of light peeking through the curtain of the sliding glass door, then turned, staggered towards the bed, and invited himself to sit on the edge of the mattress. He ran a hand over his face, sighing through his nose. "...I don't know."

At this distance, Edgeworth might be able to catch the scent of liquor practically leaking from the angel's skin.
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"A liquor store," Castiel amended. "Although I didn’t fall into it." He stared down at the dog for a moment, and then curiously extended his hand.
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Castiel blinked as the dog pushed itself against his hand, insistent. After a few seconds, he let his fingers move, very lightly stroking the surface of Sigi's fur, and oh, it was... soft. Almost comforting. He did it again.

"God doesn't care, anymore." His voice was rough.