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[RL: A chance encounter...]

Who: Edgeworth, Mia
What: DDD-inspired. During a virus, the community decides to bring Mia back for a few days--and drops her in Edgeworth's apartment
Where: Los Angeles, CA - Edgeworth's apartment
When: A good while after Phoenix and Edgeworth got together in DDD.
Warnings: None that I can think of! The silliness of the situation?

If Mia hadn't looked in on her friends and family from time to time, she might have been alarmed by her current surroundings: the kitchen of a gaudy apartment that she'd never seen in her life, being watched like a hawk by a dog she'd never met. The fact was, however, that she had been checking in on her friends, and she had seen enough to know that this was Edgeworth's apartment, that the dog giving her the stink eye belonged to him, and that her reason for being here now was likely due to the strange "community" that occupied most of Phoenix's time these days.

From behind a cup of freshly steeped tea, she smiled at Sigi. Phoenix. Maya... It had been a while. Too long, in fact.

She sat, waiting.
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Sigi was not fooled by the gesture. Oh no. He continued to watch the strange woman like an extremely large hawk until the familiar sound of his master's keys rang out down the hall, clearly audible to the dog if not to the woman. Sigi was out of the kitchen like a shot to greet Edgeworth at the door.

"Braver hund!" Edgeworth ruffled the dog's mane on his way through the foyer. He began to move on into the living room, completely oblivious to their unexpected company, but the dog dancing excitedly from him to the kitchen and back arrested Edgeworth's attention.

"What are you on abou—"

The keys jangled loudly as they plummeted to the floor. Edgeworth gaped at the kitchen's lone occupant.
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Edgeworth recovered quickly. This wasn't the first completely unexpected visitor to find their way into his apartment, though it was the first who was supposed to be deceased. (Rather, the first that was clearly flesh and blood.) He looked her over, blanched a bit at her state of dress. He'd have to wash those later…very, very thoroughly.

A tight, uncomfortable smirk touched Edgeworth's lips and he gave a slight bow. "Mia Fey. To what do I owe the honor?"
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Edgeworth pointedly turned his attention away from her, making a beeline for the tea kettle while the woman adjusted herself.

"Mind or not, it's a bit late to do anything about it." He glanced up briefly from the tea he was making. She was still there, still alive, and still smiling that vexatious smile of hers. This situation was wrong on so many levels. "Have you spoken to Wright?"
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"Whose?" His head shot up, his eyes meeting hers guiltily. Immediately he realized that was precisely the wrong reaction, but the damage had already been done. Heat suffused his face as he turned back to his task.

"Never mind. I don't care to know what you think you know about my personal life." She couldn't actually know. The girls still had no idea, and he felt fairly certain Wright wouldn't have told anyone until he had explicit permission. The ins and outs of their relationship were too...delicate at this point. They were still testing boundaries.
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"The community seems to prefer whatever actions will cause the most trouble for its playthings," Edgeworth muttered.

Predictably, he was quick to encourage her new train of thought. "Please, don't let me keep you," he said coolly, turning around to lean against the counter with a delicate teacup in one hand. "You can use my cell," he says, slipping the phone from his pocket. "...Though it might be best if I speak to him first. It will be enough of a shock for him to hear about this without hearing it from someone who's dead."
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Her tone nettled him. Perhaps it was a residual reaction, remembered from their days in court. Perhaps it was the lingering effect of her unexpected arrival. He would never admit to being oversensitive, but whatever the cause, he felt mocked.

"It may not have quite the same impact as the first time," he said sourly. "Still, there's a sizable difference between speaking with the dead and the living. I would rather give him that buffer."