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[wherever you are, whatever you were doing, you suddenly have a bear-sized black dragon to contend with. what's more, he looks a tiny bit freaked out to be there. have fun with that.]
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except that heartless don't really go in for freaking out. they usually just go in for "beelining for the nearest heart (or keyblade bearer) with no shame or compunction". and they usually come out of the ground instead of just... suddenly being there. and they're usually not dragon-shaped.

... dragon-shaped. right. he'll just be approaching this one with caution. that is, standing a couple of feet away with both palms out in front of him, hoping he doesn't become someone's lunch. ]

Uh. Hello? [ wow, that sounded stupid. nice job, genius. ] Are you okay?
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Okay, okay, that was a stupid question.

[ he's talking to a dragon. but probably an intelligent dragon? after seeing ornaments talk, anything's possible. ]

... I'm not gonna hurt you, okay? Promise. I'm just as freaked out as you are.
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[ slowly, he lowers his hands, straightening up as he watches the dragon move around. looks like he isn't in danger of being eaten, anyway, which leaves the question of how he (he thinks he's a he) actually got here. ]

Where did you come from, anyway...?
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Hey, wait!

[ he's pretty sure he just got told off for being stupid with a look. again. excuse him for wondering stuff out loud. (well. okay. fair enough, he was only half wondering to himself.) he's also pretty sure it's stupid to be scrambling after a freaked-out dragon, but for some reason, he wants to make sure the creature's okay. suddenly finding yourself in a whole other world isn't fun for anyone. and from the looks of things, he's looking for something, too. or maybe someone? ]
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[ oh.


if the dragon wants to growl at him? let him growl. Roxas has faced some pretty big fish in his time, and he hasn't even been around all that long. he stops short, but stands his ground, a scowl starting to form on his face. ]

You don't have to growl at me like that. I just wanna help. [ folding his arms, he stares up at him. ] You don't know your way around this place and I do. And I can travel between worlds, too, so if you wanna get out of here... you might need me.

[ of course, he's never tried to bring a dragon into a dark corridor with him. but there's a first time for everything. ]
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[ it almost looked like they were getting somewhere for a second there. Roxas relaxes, watching as the dragon lopes away, making a small face when the screeching roar starts. he's pretty sure now, without a doubt; he's looking for someone.

was their world lost to darkness somehow, and they got separated as they drifted through to other worlds? that doesn't sound right. but he can't think of any other reason someone would end up in another world randomly. ]

I guess you lost your friend, huh. [ he pulls a face. this is usually the point where he'd ask what he - or she - looked like, but the language barrier kind of complicates things. what a mess. ]
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I'll start with Devit...

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[He's not the only one who's freaked out. Devit--who we'll say is DDD-verse and living on the Zombie Loan world, for simplicity's sake--nearly shits his pants and takes off for the nearest tree, stumbling as he tries to climb it.]

Jesus Christ, what the fuck--!
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dw has left me with shitty icons 8(

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[whatever anyone might have taught him would have gone right out the window, because every instinct in his body is screaming HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT as he hangs onto the tree for dear life; unfortunately, his grip isn't strong enough, and he falls to his ass with an audible thud]


[trying to scramble to his feet]
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...and now Mia

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[Law books hang loosely in Mia's arms as she stares at the giant... creature now inhabiting her office. She lifts a hand to her mouth to stop the scream that threatens to break free, but doing so makes her lose her grip on the books.

They fall to her desk with a thump.]
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[Mia froze in terror the moment the books hit her desk, and she'd watched as the creature growled and moved about the room, expecting it to attack at any second. When it collides with one of her bookshelves, however, her instincts take hold, and she springs into action, making a beeline for the phone.

But she pauses, her hand inches from the receiver. Who do you call when you have a giant monster in your office? Police? Animal control? Would she even have enough time to explain the situation before the creature got up?

She licks her lips and tries to judge the distance from her desk to the reception area. Maybe she can trap the thing in here, or at the very least make a run for it...]
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[Well, it looks like making a run for it is out of the question. After a moment's hesitation, Mia pulls away from the phone and puts both hands up in a show of peace, her movements as slow and innocuous as she can make them. Her voice is gentle, though shaky, as she speaks:]

Okay, now. Just calm down. No one is going to hurt you.
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[...that gives Mia pause. She didn't really expect the creature to listen to her.]

[lowers her hands slightly, puzzled]
...Do you understand me?