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Who: Edgeworth, Shelly de Killer
What: Running afoul of the mob can have bad repercussions, even if you're a prosecutor or one of the world's best assassins.
Where: Unknown
When: ??? :|a
Warnings: Violence/aftermath

Waking up was perhaps one of the most physically painful things he had ever experienced. Of course, that didn't mean as much when physical pain wasn't commonly a part of his life. Edgeworth had never been overly active or engaged in any violent sports, and almost all of the scars he carried were mental. But even beyond those standards he thought this pain was rather extreme. An ache suffused his entire body and came to a head right in the center, along his chest and abdomen. He could only imagine the alarming colors his skin must be turning by now.

A quiet moan escaped him as he slowly rolled over onto his side. At that point he discovered how difficult it was to move with one's hands tied behind one's back. He also discovered the pain he was experiencing could in fact get worse, and his moan became a quiet string of curses when fire began shooting up his arms, through his shoulders, and into his neck. For several moments he lay with his eyes squeezed shut, his breathing shallow as he waited for the worst of it to pass.

Things didn't change much when he opened his eyes, but eventually they adjusted enough that he started to make out vague features in the dark. There were boxes and lots of shelving along the walls. A small, thin window high above, near the ceiling, allowed moonlight to filter in. The room smelled of paint and the artificial citrus stench of an industrial strength cleaner. And several feet away, between Edgeworth and the closed door, was another person slumped on the floor. Their back was turned to him, making identification impossible in the darkness. Edgeworth awkwardly propped himself up on one elbow.

"Are you conscious?" he asked. His voice was oddly calm.
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He wasn't, until the sound of a voice reached him.

The pain registered first, but he set it aside. Just one more addition to years of effort and soreness. Then his tied hands; he briefly tried to loosen the knots, but they were solid. This wouldn't do it.

Shelly propped himself up against the wall, grunting at the pang of pain resulting from the movement. Only then did he finally speak, just as calm:

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He raised his head at the question, his monocle glistening in the little moonlight that was there. Crisis or not, Shelly had never been too fond of giving such things away so lightly. He spent a moment pondering how to answer, and then decided to do so with a question.

"May I ask who wants to know?"
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"Ah." The darkness worked well against his ageing eyes, but the name helped him remember that the voice which woke him up was a familiar one.

"It has been some time, Mr. Prosecutor," he said, figuring that would be a form of introduction just as valid as telling Edgeworth his name. "Don't tell me you were doing business with the mafia as well. I had grown to think of you as relatively honest, as far as prosecutors go."
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In the darkness, vague amusement tugged up at the corner of his mouth. He had been joking, for the most part.

The answer to Edgeworth's question, though, was no laughing matter, and there was a bitterness in Shelly's voice as he replied, "So it seems."
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Shelly's expression soured at Edgeworth's remark. He was quite certain the prosecutor had done business with many such individuals as well, for all his righteousness.

But this was not the time for that.

When Edgeworth continued, though - he almost felt tempted to laugh. "Come, now, Mr. Prosecutor. Do you honestly believe I intend to die here?"
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Or does he?

Omniscient narration aside, Shelly's reaction appears to be to... knock his heel against the floor. It looks particularly silly, since his feet are tied together as well.

"I can see you are not very used to life-or-death situations."
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"I believe our captors neglected to check my shoes." And in fact, after a few more tries, Shelly manages to accomplish what he intended to: a small blade slides out of the sole of his shoe.

... Now it's only a matter of using it.

That may be a problem.
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"My hands are quite literally tied, Mr. Prosecutor." He tries to shift his position - ignoring the pain is, mostly, the hardest part - so his back is turned to the blade, but...

"I can't pick it up."
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Shelly makes an affronted sort of harrumph. "I'm afraid you may have been watching too many films, if you believe an escape could be that simple."

Then he sighs, aware that this may not be the best time for annoyance. "I presume you're unable to pick it up as well. How troublesome..." His voice drifts off. There are a couple of things he can think of, but they all strike him as incredibly silly and unlikely to work.
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Triumph? Well, well. Shelly's eyebrows rise up, genuinely pleased. "Well done. Now..." He pauses for thought, briefly. "I imagine this may go more smoothly if you cut my bindings first."

It is by no means an attempt to gain the upper edge and escape alone - rather, he can see Edgeworth isn't in good shape at the moment and cutting your own ropes would thus be unnecessarily difficult.

He half-expects the prosecutor to take it the wrong way, though.
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"Suit yourself." Shelly waits, a little past the point where it's obvious Edgeworth is only hurting himself.

"... Are you done?" If he is amused - he almost is - it doesn't show in his tone.
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Well, that took him long enough.

Shelly rather dislikes his tone; it certainly doesn't improve his mood at the moment. Thankfully, he has always known to practise self-restraint. "To leave you here would be to do a favour to my former clients. I will do no such thing."

There is an unmistakable coldness to the way he ends that sentence.
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He still doesn't believe him, then? Hmph. Lawyers.

Shelly spends a few seconds looking for an irrefutable argument. He finds the following to be the best he can do:

"Trust me, or don't. Frankly, I have little hopes of changing your mind. However... Without my help, Mr. Prosecutor, you will die here. No matter if you do manage to cut those ropes or not. With all due respect," and there was some, or at least more than Shelly usually reserves for those of Edgeworth's kind, "I highly doubt you are fit to escape without being detected, or without being quickly outmatched in a fight."
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As soon as he understands what the prosecutor is trying to do, Shelly smiles to himself and holds his hands at the most convenient angle he can, which is still somewhat awkward, but, well, he's no miracle worker. Getting rid of the ropes will be awkward no matter way.

"Not exactly. It's generally unwise to underestimate me." He doesn't sound offended, though, and that has to count as progress of some sort. "By the way, do try not to cut my hands, please. I will need them."
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Fine by him. Shelly isn't exactly keen on prolonged bodily contact with Edgeworth, either. However, he also feels the same about the unnecessary poking - and he gets the impression it is wholly intentional.

"Yes, I'm certain you are," he replies with a hint of annoyance.

Patience, Shelly, patience.
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Shelly sighs as well, though it sounds more like casually exhaling. He stretches out his arms to his side and ahead of him, opens and closes and opens his hands, rotates his shoulders (a spike of pain hits him at his back. Hmph).

He spins around the best he can, the awkward shuffle now eased by his half-freedom, and holds out his hand expectantly.

"May I?"
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"Thank you." Finally. Shelly cuts through Edgeworth's bindings with the practised ease of a knife artist - and now that his current obligations towards the prosecutor have been fulfilled, he takes the liberty to get rid of the rope around his own feet as well.

With that done, he stands up and wipes his suit.
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"... That is an excellent question." He puts his knife in a pocket for easy access. He will need it.

The one window is too small. The door is locked, of course. "I believe... we may have to lure our captors into opening the door for us. Preferably without alerting the entire building."