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When somebody loves you...

[Things at Wright & Co have been quiet since Maya's been needed in Kurain more often. When it's especially bad, Phoenix likes to fill the silence with music, sometimes classics like Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Ella Fitzgerald (or "old fart music", as Maya would say, giving him a teasing look). Now happens to be one such time.

"All of Me" is currently streaming from his computer speakers. With his back to the door, he stands at the filing cabinet, attempting to organize his backlog of files as he taps his foot in time with the beat. Occasionally he hums or sings along, usually painfully out of key.]
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[It isn't until Edgeworth almost reaches the door that he finally registers what's playing. He pauses a few feet from the door as a trace of melancholy flashes across his face. His father was very fond of American standards and Sinatra in particular. Thanks to Wright's fondness for them, Miles has grown accustomed to listening to them and holding the memories they drum up at arm's length. It's worth the struggle: American standards generally mean Wright is in a very good mood.]

[Not that he's often in a bad mood. It's simply that his very good moods are so very enjoyable. Miles has begun to have a new...appreciation for this music.]

[Eventually he moves to the door, but he pauses there too, distracted from his purpose by the sight of Wright, his Wright, leaning over the filing cabinet and tapping his foot to the music. A smile breaks across Edgeworth's face as Wright starts to sing, only occasionally on key, and he continues to smile as he watches. How long will it take Wright to notice he's there? Only time will tell.]
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[The smile becomes a smirk as soon as he notices he's been noticed. Smoothly he stands from the doorjamb he was leaning on and moves into the room.]

As long as it took to get that reaction.
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Of course not. [A smile just as teasing. It wouldn't be impossible, but it's more fun to pretend otherwise.]

Actually, I did leave early for this, but not by choice. Chief Prosecutor Danno ejected me from my office when he realized I was the only other person left in the building. Apparently I'm the only one dedicated enough to want to finish my work before the long holiday weekend.
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Yes. Such a pity.

[His eyes drift over to the filing cabinet. The last time he saw it there were folders and loose papers piled so high on top a stiff breeze might have knocked them over. Not even a stiff breeze. It was a miracle the simple act of opening the door hadn't done them in.]

At any rate, I was only able to sneak out the paperwork from a few cases. I'll probably get through them fairly quickly. Did you have any plans for the weekend?
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[Edgeworth crosses his arms in a languid fashion.] I overheard several of my co-workers discussing an outdoor jazz festival to be held in Long Beach. I believe the venue has a view of the water and the Queen Mary. We could have dinner at that seafood place you like--the one at Rainbow Harbor. Would you be interested?

[His tone becomes overly casual, as if he's trying very hard to make it clear that he doesn't care what Wright decides.]
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[That earns him a bit of a sour look. Clearly it’s not funny when Wright does it.] Try not to be too eager, Wright. You’ll embarrass yourself.
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Of course. I am the one extending the invitation, after all. [It still surprises him, sometimes, to hear words like that coming out of his mouth. Not so long ago he would have turned up his nose at being offered a chance to socialize, let alone offering it himself. What has Wright has done to him?]

Are you interested? Or should I see if I can sneak back into the office to liberate more work for the weekend?
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[Miles startles, and it takes him a moment to relax into the embrace. ]

Good. [It’s a little unsure, but he does sound pleased. There’s even a hint of a smile on his lips.] It’s running all weekend. We can go any night you’d like except tonight.
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I do have work I can get done, just not as much as I’d like. I’ll finish it up this evening.

[He pulls back to look at Wright’s eyes. There’s something soft in Miles' eyes, some nameless contentment.] Then there won’t be any more distractions for the rest of the weekend. …You’ll have me all to yourself.

[It gives him a little thrill of nervous anticipation. No excuses if socializing gets tedious or overwhelming after an entire long weekend together. Nothing but days with this man who makes him feel things he never thought he could. It’s a dizzying thought.]
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[A hint of a blush crosses his cheeks.]

If you don’t have any plans I…might be done in time for dinner. If you’re interested. [He cocks an eyebrow at Wright’s slow swaying, but doesn’t comment.] I can call if I finish or it looks like I’ll be too late to join you.
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Good. …Good.

[Miles is noticeably a little distracted. He’s questioning his own unexpected openness and wondering what it means for him. It takes him a moment to realize Wright’s foolishness has almost got him swaying along. The realization is met with a slight glare; he stands perfectly still, but he doesn’t tense up.] Is this the sort of thing you do when you’re alone: dance without a partner?
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[Miles wrinkles his nose, tries to resist his partner’s pull while pushing him away. It may be noticeable that he’s not trying very hard. The last thing he wants is for his actions to be misinterpreted as a rejection of Wright himself.]

You’re alone in this foolishness, that’s for sure.
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Oh dear god. Is that meant to encourage me? [He gives Wright a look that’s too stern to be serious (even coming from him).]

I’m supposed to be on my way home now. Or do you not care if I’m done early enough to see you tonight?

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