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Everything short of...

[Phoenix sighs contentedly. Something about tonight is especially nice, he thinks, though he can't say exactly why. It isn't as though it's the first time they've spent their nights like this: him lying on the couch, head cushioned against Edgeworth's thigh, and Edgeworth silently reading a book above him; the TV on, just loud enough for him to make out some words; Sigi happily curled on the floor at his master's feet.

It isn't the first time they've spent their nights like this, no, but it is rare, now that he thinks about it. Too often Edgeworth spends his nights in his study, working on something or another that can't possibly wait until morning to finish. Every once in a while, though, he'll venture out to join Phoenix for a quiet night like this, and as much as Phoenix likes to complain about the man's workaholic tendencies, he supposes it does make these rare moments special.

Smiling, he idly reaches a hand down to gently (and maybe a bit hesitantly) pet Sigi's fur, satisfied when the dog doesn't flinch or move away.

Tonight is especially nice, he concludes, and his happiness inspires an urge he's found himself shying away from for far too long. Without giving himself a chance to think or doubt, he quietly, boldly says:]

I love you, you know.
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[The words are a shock to Edgeworth’s contented system. Coming wholly out of the blue, as far as he can see, they catch him off guard and leave him flailing for support as his heart seems to fall from its proper place. His body tenses, every muscle going taut, and for too long he can only stare at the pages of his book, unseeing, his mind having suddenly lost all comprehension of the printed lines.]

[Finally he manages to make his mouth work, though his response isn’t nearly as calm or collected as he wants it to be.]
I know.
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[Much like Wright, Edgeworth fears the worst. The response he gets isn’t very heartening, either. Silence stifles them (or perhaps only him), and his guilt smothers him.]

[When he finally feels Wright’s gentle fingers on his, caressing with such care, he chances a skittish look at his partner: Wright’s eyes are on the television, but he’s not seeing it any more than Edgeworth sees the book in his hands. Edgeworth’s throat closes up, making it hard to swallow, but he lets his partner take his hand. His eyes are still focused on the book now held awkwardly in his other hand, stuck on one page without the other hand to switch it. He wants to be angry with Wright for putting him in this position. Wright knows what he’s like, what he’s capable of. To expect so much more of him without even a moment’s notice (and, to his mind, so early in their relationship) is unfair, and the disappointment Edgeworth imagines rolling off of his partner should by all rights be offensive. If he had only waited until Miles made the first move…]

[Edgeworth wants to feel that way. All he can feel is guilt and regret and a blinding longing for something he won’t ever have. It was never meant to be this hard. Miles says none of these things, only squeezes Phoenix's hand in what's meant to be a reassuring gesture, and the quiet deepens around them.]
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[Edgeworth glances at the clock, showing no trace of the emotional conflict that’s raging in his heart at this point. It’s infuriating to be here, both of them knowing precisely what just happened, what Miles just did to his partner, and neither of them willing or able to say a word about. The atmosphere is stifling, but they can’t both leave, unless… He hesitates for a moment then sets the bookmark in his book and sets it aside.] Actually, I should be getting back to work.

[It’s a blatant lie. If there had been any more work to do that evening he wouldn’t have been out there in the first place. Doubtless Wright will see right through him, but he can’t sit there anymore, feeling the weight of his partner’s disappointment beside him the whole night. And he can’t convincingly pretend to be reading when all he can do now is to think about what he’s done and why.]
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[As far as Edgeworth can tell, he succeeds, though Miles wouldn’t have risked a confrontation by pointing it out if he hadn’t. Edgeworth nods, quick and far more sure than he feels. By design, his ‘work’ may keep him up long after Wright falls asleep, and knowing that is only compounding his guilt.] Mm. Let me know when you’re going to bed.
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[It is as big a deal as it seems. Edgeworth knows this all too well. It’s the truth that drives him from the living room as soon as Wright is out of sight. Once sequestered in his office he boots up his computer and opens all the necessary programs for work he doesn’t have. He loads the file for a case he’s already finished, busying himself with checking it over for errors for the third, maybe fourth time. Anything to continue avoiding that conversation until he’s ready to deal with the problem that he just compounded.]

[They’re only words, he tells himself. And it is only the truth. You’ve known that for a long time now. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to say it.]

[He spends the rest of the night trying to convince himself of that.]
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[For Edgeworth it becomes easier to ignore the issue as time passes, but only because the next day finds him embroiled in a case that puts his formidable skills to the test as few cases do, aside from the ones Wright is involved in. By the second day of trial he’s fighting for every inch, yet somewhere in the midst of the scuffle he pulls a miraculous bit of deduction which in turn pulls the linchpin out of his opponent’s argument. He takes only a fraction of his usual pleasure in watching the defendant break down and seeing the defense slump on his bench as if all his bones were suddenly snatched from his body. In fact, after methodically returning everything to his briefcase he stalks from the courtroom without a word to the defense and only the barest of pleasantries to the judge and a few other colleagues he meets in the hall.]

[Edgeworth is tired. Bone tired. He’s still tired when he makes it home around 11:00pm. It must have shown because Wright, ever the contradiction, almost immediately suggests then asks (for some definition of the word) Edgeworth to go out for a terribly late dinner with him.]

[He should say no. He barely feels capable of driving them there (Wright offers to pay for a taxi), he looks like hell (Wright points out that anyone out that late on a Tuesday night probably also looks like hell), and he doesn’t want to go. But Wright wants to go. It’s blindingly obvious when he looks in those sad puppy dog eyes of his. After that fiasco last week he has been trying very hard not to disappoint his partner again. It won’t be much of a streak if he breaks it now.]

[Besides, the thought of a well-mixed drink and good food that he doesn’t even have to make is starting to remind Miles that he’s hardly eaten since breakfast. Has he eaten since then? Was that bag of chips from this afternoon or yesterday?]

[Grumbling all the while, Miles takes Phoenix out to dinner. They pick a favorite place down the street, within walking distance. It’s dimly lit and the fare is excellent as always, and most importantly, the company is his usual sweet, goofy self throughout. By the time they’re on the way home Miles has a pleasantly full stomach and a slightly foggy head, and for once he thinks he can look forward to collapsing into sleep the moment his head hits the pillow. All things considered it turned out to be an enjoyable night, thanks to Wright.]
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Considering how I felt earlier, I highly doubt I could feel any worse.

[He turns his eyes upwards for a moment, taking in the lights of the city, before chancing a glance at his companion.]

Though if it was possible, I'm sure you would be the one to figure out how to make it happen. [His tone is teasing and light, with no trace of judgment--a far cry from the harsh, clipped tone he sported when he first got home.] I should probably be worried that you've become so proficient at manipulating my moods.

[He should be...but he isn't. Not with these results.]
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I did eat, Wright. [Those pesky details like what he ate and when are best left unstated.] And I had planned to make something as soon as I got home. I'm not completely incapable of taking care of myself, you know. I survived all on my own long before you entered the picture.

[But how well? He looks at his companion, his partner, and feels the answer like a wound only starting to scab over.]
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[By all rights the teasing should have stung him, perhaps even enough to strike back. He opens his mouth, intending to do just that.]


[There isn’t even any surprise after he says it, just a soft, melancholy sort of resignation. After all that he’s had to confess to this man, something so small, comparatively, isn’t that difficult to say. Neither are his next words.]

My god… How I love you.
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[Miles smiles softly. Before the trial took all of his attention he had toyed with the idea of doing this under very meticulously planned circumstances. Make it a night to remember, and one which was so particular and special that he would be less likely to chicken out at the last minute. But now that they’re here, a bit of a fog in his head and dinner on his breath, he realizes no amount of planning could have been better.]

Do you have any idea what you’ve done for me, Phoenix? I don’t know where I would be without you… [dead, in prison, still wallowing in my own personal hell] …but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would not be happy.

[Awkwardly, almost shyly, he takes his partner’s hand in both of his own and caresses it.] You didn’t have to do it. Any of it. You could have lived a normal life, even found someone who could be everything you deserve.

[He gives Phoenix a look to forestall any protests.] Don’t try to pretend your life wouldn’t be easier with someone who doesn’t choose work over you or…wake you with a panic attack in the middle of the night. Someone more like you, who doesn’t hesitate to say what’s in their heart.

Yet you’re here with me. I can’t express how grateful I am for that. You make me feel… [He worries his lower lip and averts his gaze to some spot just to Phoenix’s right.] …less broken. I do love you, for that and many, many other reasons.
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[Miles is out of his younger, more emotional days, but he knows with a blinding clarity that these are the most beautiful and loving words he will ever hear. He may hear them many more times, in many more places, many more ways, but they will never sound like this again, will never again carry this same, paradoxically uplifting weight. There's no way he can ever match them. He has to try, though, for Phoenix's sake.]

Finding true justice is...was my sole purpose in life, but it would have eluded me forever if it weren't for you. You gave me back my purpose, my life, even...the heart I gave up on as a child. I never thought I could... [The imperfect words catch in his throat, finally forcing him to say instead, with an awkward smile:] You are my everything.