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Schmoozing the nation's elite

Follow up to this thread.

Edgeworth longed for the day when his superiors would see that mandatory attendance at these charity events was entirely unnecessary. It wasn't as if the Prosecutors Office would not put up a showing without being forced to: many of his colleagues reveled in the chance to hobknob with politicians and local celebrities or pick up other people's vapid trophy wives. Edgeworth, on the other hand, would rather be working. In fact, he'd rather be anywhere but here, and he refused to pretend otherwise, regardless of who he spoke to that evening. It would be in the best interests of all concerned for him to be allowed to skip out on these things.

Unfortunately, he wasn't allowed that liberty. So for now he was stuck in a kind of limbo, watching the glitterati from his post on the sidelines and running over details of the work waiting for him at home to keep his mind from stagnating. He was the picture of boredom until a familiar suit suddenly appeared amidst the crowd. His eyes widened with interest, and he discreetly wended his way through the crowd to approach the man from behind.

"Captain Rogers?"
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Steve knew that day would never come for him. He was Captain America, and that meant not only risking his life to save the world on a daily basis, but occasionally donning his stars and strips for a different purpose - to be shown off.

Oh, it was worthwhile, he knew. The events they invited him to were ones he could support, and it wasn't a big deal. But it wasn't really his favourite way to spend time.

When he was addressed, he turned, a ready smile on his face. But his blue eyes lit up a moment later with recognition. "Hey there, Mr. Edgeworth. I didn't know you were going to be at this shindig."
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"What, this isn't your scene?" Steve gestured around the room, grinning. "You look like you fit right in. Honestly, it's not really my thing. But it's part of the job."
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"I don't have a problem with parties, but personally I'd rather a quiet get together with friends, rather than a big bash full of people I don't know," Steve admitted. "I'm really just here to be on display. It's not really comfortable."

"Why do you come, if you don't like these things so much?"
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"It really sounds like we are here for the same reason," Steve said with a wry chuckle. "Well, at least we can keep each other company, and be in solidarity in trying to blend in with the furniture."

He cocked his head. "Oh hey, did your friend like the autograph? I don't suppose he's here tonight?"
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Steve smiled kindly. "Well, I hope you're doing okay after all of that, that happened to you. I wouldn't blame you if you never went into a bank again."
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Steve grinned at Edgeworth's response, though he's curious that he said it wasn't the worst experience he'd ever had. The comment definitely didn't make Steve think he was a coward - different people had different roles in life, and he had seen bravery in Edgeworth when they met. "You must have led a pretty interesting life for a lawyer if that wasn't the worst."
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But Steve's just ducking his head and shrugging helplessly. "I'll agree that my life's been interesting. But I'm really nothing special. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn - I haven't done anything someone else couldn't have done in my position."
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Steve did straighten, and when he was erect, he had the bearing of a military man. It was just that he was humble. This wasn't an act. It honestly was how he felt.

"Different, maybe. But I'm not better than anyone else. And I know there are lots of people who lay down their lives for others every day. If anything, they're braver than I am. They don't have the serum," he said.
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"You do a lot of things to make the world a better place," Steve said, putting a companionable hand on Edgeworth's shoulder and squeezing. The whole fact that they were talking, especially with such familiarity, was probably causing ripples through the room, but Steve didn't care. "Everyone does their part, with what they've got. I sure couldn't do what you do."
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"I could say the same thing," Steve pointed out, his lips twisting wryly. "But you seem to think that what I do is worthy of praise."

He was vaguely becoming aware of people looking at them and talking, but that was so normal for him that he wasn't really paying attention. He didn't know Edgeworth's reputation, really, so he didn't think anything of the fact that they were talking.
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Steve shook his head. "All I've done is try to do what I thought was right. I don't feel like I've gone above and beyond. I went where I needed to go, and I did what I needed to do. I was lucky, that with the serum I could do more than I could with what I was born with."

He suddenly laughed, and raised his hands. "But! I propose a truce. Let's agree that we both respect each other and just be friends, okay?"
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Steve snickered. He didn't feel put off by the words - in fact, he didn't believe them at all. Edgeworth might be saying 'truce' but Steve felt that he probably meant 'friend'.

"Fair enough. I'm glad to be in a truce with you, then, Mr. Edgeworth."
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"Then thank goodness we're allies," Steve said. People had to be freaking out at how much Steve is laughing, and the way that Edgeworth is smirking. They're clearly having a great time. "Otherwise I'd be in big trouble."
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"Fortunately for me, that is what I try to do," Steve said. Though his own lips twisted wryly. "Then again, I don't always seem to stay on the side of the law, though I try to do that, too."
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Steve arched an eyebrow. "Seemed like a lot of people in Congress wanted to arrest me after I took down SHIELD. I guess that means I broke a law, somewhere. I don't think there's really a way that a single group of vigilantes can dismantle an entire arm of government and destroy government-owned property without running afoul of a law or two. But in the end, I suppose they decided that I did more good than harm."
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Steve spread his hands helplessly. Is this a test? "If my government feels that they need to put me in jail for what I did, then I'd serve my time."
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"I know," Steve said, offering Edgeworth a sheepish smile. "Though I don't think the law is infallible. Sometimes it doesn't cover every situation, and the right thing to do doesn't involve slavishly adhering to the law. But when it comes down to it, I serve at the pleasure of the President. And the President makes the law."