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Once upon a time, when we thought of joining [community profile] adstringendum...

[hope you aren't in the middle of anything important, Edgeworth, because there's an insistent knock on your door]
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[oh, it was nothing important. just doing his regular updates on his profiles of the many suspicious customers that populate this strange land. he looks up with a frown; who would be visiting him? no one ever visits him. shutting his files, he warily opens the door.]

[to find a child standing there. a young girl, to be precise, one he's never seen before. he cocks an eyebrow.] Can I help you?
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[this sort of treatment isn't entirely foreign to Edgeworth--he's been pounced on by the Fey girls often enough to not want to jump entirely out of his skin when it happens--but this is the first time it's happened with someone he's never met before. more puzzling, she seems to know him. he stumbles back a step and has to steady himself on the door, with his other arm held out awkwardly to the side, and stares down at her in open confusion.]

[stammers] I-I'm terribly sorry... Have we met?
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[he pulls away gratefully and puts a little distance between them.,clears his throat and studies the girl. no, he can say pretty definitively that he's never met her before. he's sure he would remember quite clearly someone who looked like her, and even more so, someone who was comfortable enough with him to take such liberties. he feels a sense of foreboding.]

...Not that I'm aware. I'm sorry. If I could ask, who are you and from where do you think you know me?
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[the sorrow that flashes across her face makes him feel inexplicably guilty. fortunately it's gone almost as quickly as it came, replaced by a disapproval that rivals Pearl Fey's at her worst. he finds himself wanting to flinch away from her then chides himself for his foolishness. his back stiffens and his tone grows a bit firm, though not as harsh as he usually is.]

I assure you, I'm not finding this any funnier than you are. If we have met, I'm afraid I don't remember, though I think it's...highly unlikely that I would forget someone like you. Perhaps if you tell me who your father is it would jog my memory? I meet so many people in the course of my work, you see...

[that must be where she knows him from, right? it isn't as if he could have met her anywhere else. he doesn't socialize outside his own tiny circle, not even here, in this place where having friends can easily mean the difference between life and death. and he certainly hasn't been to any 'shows' since he came here.]

[...wait. his eyes widen in surprise.]

Are you saying you know me from...home?
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[for a moment he's stunned into silence. the dots are beginning to connect, and he's not sure he likes where they're leading him.] ...Not the Chief Prosecutor. I'm only the High Prosecutor, and I have no intentions of changing that anytime soon. ...Had no intentions before I came here, I should say. God knows if I'll ever...

[he squeezes his eyes shut and rubs the bridge of his nose, fighting a losing battle against a sudden and rapidly growing stress headache.] Miss...? Would you tell me who your father is, please? And ah...the year you come from.

[God, please don't say you're Larry's child...]
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[it's more shocking than her being Larry's child. worse than that, too, though he hadn't dreamed anything could be worse than another Larry Butz roaming the Earth. Edgeworth's features go slack with total shock and he stares at her, unable to make himself speak for an uncomfortable length of time. finally he manages to swallow hard against the lump in his throat.]

Miss, ah... [did she tell him her name? he can't remember now. his mind's gone blank. but he can't call her... ] Has anyone explained to you yet the nature of this place?
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No, it... [he hesitates, still puzzling it out himself from what he's managed to glean of the world's workings in the short time he's been here.] As far as I've been able to gather, this place was normal once, but then something went awry. Now people of various worlds are being drawn here at random. I haven't learned why yet, but I have heard that other people have encountered other versions of themselves or people they know.

[dramatic pause!] When I was pulled here only a month ago, I came from the year 2019. The Wright I know doesn't have a daughter. I am only High Prosecutor. ...I do have the red car, though I doubt it's the same one. I'm sure by now this is all sounding completely ridiculous to you. I can only tell you what I know, outlandish as it may seem.

[no more outlandish than Wright having a preteen daughter in seven more years. how is that possible?]
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[his mind stumbles again over the new information. 2019. she' soon? how could this...? for one mad moment he thinks Wright had an illegitimate daughter he failed to mention. then a slightly less ludicrous possibility presents itself.]

[dazedly] ...Something like that. Are you... Uh, Wright...adopted 2019?

[he's never been very good at tact.]
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Generous of him.

[pain stabs his chest from an indecipherable source, momentarily twisting his features. he can't imagine any scenario that could possibly lead to Wright making such a drastic decision mere months from 'now,' but knowing his dearest, oldest friend's life might be on the verge of changing so completely is a shock to the system. suddenly feeling lightheaded, he lets his eyes drift back into his meager apartment.]

Ah. I'm sorry. I think this is a conversation best conducted while sitting down. Preferably with a good, strong cup of tea. Would you care to come in?

[he pulls back to clear the doorway. the apartment beyond is moderately small and sparsely furnished with a few pretty knick knacks and ostentatious furniture that's well past its prime. everything looks like it came from some dingy, little antiques shop in rural England, but it's neat and tidy and as clean as anything ever can be in this place. everything is worn, from the thin spots in the sofa's upholstery to the wood shelves set in the far wall, and even the bindings on the books that dot a few of the shelves. between them all the apartment and its contents must have seen years of use.]
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[he stands in the doorway with his hand still on the door for support, staring blankly at the strange, young girl as she enthusiastically looks his pathetic living quarters over. when she finally speaks, he blinks as if seeing her for the first time.]

[dear God, pull yourself together, man.]

I'm afraid there's only so much one can do in an environment like this. [he gestures for her to take a seat on the sofa and crosses to the electric kettle and box of Twining's sitting on an old sideboard at the back of the room.] Would you like a cup of tea?
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[nodding, he busies his hands with the work, as his mind rolls this confounding new situation over and over and comes back to square one. finally he joins her, sitting in the armchair across from her and setting a lacquered tray on the small table between them. he leaves her to prepare her own cup while he prepares his.]

Did you just arrive here?
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[cup and saucer still in hand, he blinks up at her. surprised yet again... a trace of a smirk crosses his lips, and he lifts his teacup towards her in salute.] That would be helpful.

[idly he wonders if someone taught her to prepare her tea with such care. not Wright, surely.]
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[quite a long introduction for such a young girl. he sets his drink down to give her a sort of half bow from his seat.] Miss...Trucy. The pleasure is all mine.

[he wants to ask her so many things, but first thing's first. retrieving his cup, he frowns down into his tea.] Has someone been taking care of you since you arrived here? The city is quite dangerous, especially on the outskirts.

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