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[OPEN TO ALL] And for my next trick...

[there's a sizable crowd at the Wonderbar tonight. Trucy has just wowed them with her latest trick, which involved turning a pair of bunny slippers into actual, live bunnies, using the magic of her famous panties. as the show draws to a close, she takes the stage for one last trick]

Alright, ladies and gentlemen! For my final act, I'm going to need an assistant! Are there any volunteers?

[she makes a show of scanning the tables, looking for that perfect someone]
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A young man, about Trucy's age, with dark hair and vivid green eyes, raises his black-nailed hand with a bemused smile.

"Oh, pick me."

Loki's not wearing any of his Asgardian acoutrements right at the moment - or at least, the glamour he cast has made it look like he's wearing ordinary clothing. It doesn't change any of his features, though.

It's almost impossible to deny that request.
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"Me?" Loki feigns surprise, putting a hand to his chest and looking embarrassed. He jumps to his feet readily enough, though, and trotted up to the stage.

He jumps up deftly, all traces of nervousness gone, and smiles at her. "What do you want me to do?"
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"I'm Loki Laufeyson," he says, and leans in a little closer, dropping his voice so the audience wouldn't hear. "I thought maybe I'd steal the show."
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He wasn't kidding, but he likes that she's amused by him. He makes a show of looking into the panties.

"Unfortunately, I don't see a thing in your panties. Wait, are you legal?"
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"Really?" His eyes sparkled. "Please, call me Loki. What did I miss?"

As Trucy was about to pull the object - or rabbit, or whatever she was intending to pull - out of the panties, Loki flicked his fingers. Ravens began to fly out of the panties, dozens and dozens, circling and cawing and settling on every available surface throughout the large room.

The audience was going nuts.

Loki sidled up to Trucy and took her hand, laying the object in her palm. He had picked her secret pocket, so that the thing she was going to be pulling from her panties was actually in his hand at the time. "Forgive me?"
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He grins. Her reaction is totally delightful, and he's actually glad she's not upset. Anyway, she doesn't have much reason to be - the audience will think that the birds were all her.

"Of course - a sorcerer, actually. Among other things. But we shouldn't forget your audience, hmm?" He turns, holding her hand up and takes a step back so she can bow and the curtains can fall.
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Loki chuckles, still holding her hand. "I mean that the magic I do is real - no tricks. Those ravens were a glamour I cast. Not actually real birds."
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"Of course," Loki said tolerantly. Then he gestured, and a raven appeared on his arm. "Looks real, right? Touch it. Your hand will go right through it."
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"Light and shadow and magic," Loki says, smiling. "Do you want to know more?"
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"I think I'd better show you a little more, first," Loki said, and held out a hand for her to take. "Have you ever been to Paris?"
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The Detective Prince tugged nervously on the brim of her cabbie hat, willing herself to become invisible. Of course, only an expert magician would be able to pull off a feat such as that!

Please, don't pick me. Please, don't pick me. Please, don't pick me.

The internal mantra almost sounded like a magic spell. Hopefully, it would work just as well.

For all the cool confidence that Naoto showed when embroiled with a difficult case, she was actually terrified of getting up on stage. True, the live television interview was one thing--she'd orchestrated that herself--but the spontaneity and unpredictability of simply being called up out of the blue... Well. That was different.
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[Well, that seemed fun enough, and the girl definitely didn't seem like she'd do any harm. Not that Nami would let anyone get valuables off of her, anyway.

With a big grin, she raises a hand high.
] I'll volunteer!