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Who: Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright
What: The No Consequences virus turns out to be conveniently timed.
Where: Edgeworth's Apartment
When: Non-canon DDD, Christmas Eve 2020

Under these circumstances, the view was surprisingly enjoyable. With his third glass in hand, it was easy enough to let his vision lose focus as he stared down at the city below, blurring the scene just enough so that the street, festooned with garlands and covered in gaudy decorations, became only a painting of lights, brilliant and non-specific.

Edgeworth glanced over at his companion; Wright had far more reason to enjoy the sight, and his gentle smile testified that he was doing just that. Edgeworth's lips quirked in return, the smallest flash of movement on his pale, otherwise impassive face, then he turned back to the view, leaning more heavily on the railing and taking a sip of his wine.

This did seem to be well on the way to becoming a tradition.
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A prospect Phoenix would have been more than happy with under normal circumstances, but the knowledge that it wouldn't make a difference tomorrow did make the occasion a touch bittersweet.

Idly swirling his second glass of wine, he turned to Edgeworth with a small smile. "It's a nice night, huh?"
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Briefly, Phoenix wondered what 'proper attire' for Christmas Eve was, but as a chilly breeze blew by and seeped through his jeans and thin hoodie, he was sorely reminded.

Suppressing a shudder, he folded his arms across his chest and took a small sip of wine, hoping the alcohol would help generate some heat.

"It wasn't this cold when I left my place," he muttered.
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Phoenix took one last look at the city below, admiring the view for a moment longer before giving a slight shrug.

"I'm not too cold yet," he said, turning his gaze on the man beside him. With a smirk, he added, "But if you want to go inside, I won't object."
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Phoenix stared back under Edgeworth's scrutiny, his expression growing more questioning as the seconds ticked by, but by the time he was about to ask if something was wrong, the other man turned away. Phoenix studied him a moment longer before doing the same.

"They're not 'vapid holiday fare'," he protested with mock indignation. "They're classics."
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"That doesn't make them any less classic," Phoenix argued. "Besides, I have something different in mind tonight."
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Phoenix opened his mouth to respond but then quickly shut it, scratching his chin in thought.

"I don't know," he said honestly. "It's been a long time since I've seen 'It's a Wonderful Life'..."
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Phoenix grinned sheepishly. "...It's a classic?"
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Phoenix snorted in a failed attempt to stifle his laughter. The words 'women's nipples' were not ones he'd ever expected to come out of Edgeworth's mouth, and the one and a half glasses of wine Phoenix had drunk only made the fact that they had all the funnier. He cleared his throat, but an amused smile lingered.

"I think that'd be a safe bet," he said.
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"It was in the fine print," Phoenix answered with a smirk. He noted the way Edgeworth was holding himself and thought he must look much the same. It was definitely getting chillier...
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"But then you'd have missed out on the great benefits." The response was almost cheeky, and Phoenix knew it. In fact, he had a suitable grin to accompany it.
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Phoenix's smile faltered at his friend's words, unsure of what they meant but certain he had somehow hit a nerve. He averted his gaze in response and looked down on the city once more.

"Well, at least you won't have to worry about it tomorrow," he said after a moment, trying to make light of the subject. The humor wasn't quite there, though.
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Phoenix hummed in response and idly tapped his glass, suppressing another shiver as yet another breeze blew by. Thinking it was about time to seek shelter from the cold (and from the awkward silence that inevitably threatened to overtake them) he turned towards Edgeworth, intent on motioning him to the door. The other man's look gave him pause, however, and he frowned in question.

"What's wrong?"
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It wasn't until Edgeworth was mere centimeters away that Phoenix realized what was happening. Immediately, his stomach dropped and his mouth went dry, but no matter how loudly his mind screamed in protest, he couldn't bring himself to move or say anything.

He stood stark still, stunned into silence, his mouth twitching in a vain effort to form words.