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[What if...] [RL 1]

Who: Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright
What: Personal virus affecting Edgeworth.
Where: Edgeworth and Phoenix's home.
When: Saturday morning.

He awakened slowly, as he usually did on the weekends. He drifted lazily out of sleep, allowed himself those precious minutes of half-consciousness, and then, finally, spared a few more moments on the simple pleasure of a soft bed below him and a warm comfor--

A warm limb, stretched casually across his chest... When peripheral vision showed him the vague, somewhat flattened outline of dark spikes beside him Edgeworth was lost in a few panicked seconds of deja vu. He tensed and turned his head to stare at the (unfortunately familiar) form huddled beside (and, dear god, on top of) him.
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The movement, though slight, was enough to rouse Phoenix just a bit. Mumbling into the sheets, he scooted closer and tightened his hold on Miles, slowly and unconsciously tracing a few circles on the man’s side before he drifted back into sleep.
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The speed at which Miles fled was enough to alert Phoenix’s senses, though mind and body were much slower to respond. As his arm hit the mattress, he blinked several times to clear the sleep from his eyes, eventually giving up in favor of scrubbing at them with his hand. “S’hot in here,” he mumbled, halfheartedly kicking at the blankets.
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With a yawn, Phoenix rolled onto his back, his attempts at kicking the blankets off a bit more successful from that angle. He turned his head and blearily watched Miles beneath his half-lidded eyes, idly scratching at the hair below his belly. “You okay?” he asked through another yawn, noting the other man’s bewildered expression. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.”
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Phoenix cocked an eyebrow; the response, as well as the attention preceding it, prompted a lazy smirk, and he patted the mattress beside him as he stifled another yawn. “Come back to bed.”
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Something about the situation suddenly seemed off. Willing himself more awake, Phoenix rolled onto his side and sat up slightly, frowning. “Is everything okay? You look sort of… confused.”
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“’The community’s succeeded?’” Phoenix sat up fully now, running a hand over his face. “What are you talking about?”
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Ah, that made a little more sense. …Sort of. “Great,” Phoenix said as he stretched his arms back to a satisfying pop. “Now I’m probably gonna get sick, too. Told you you should’ve worn a jacket last night…”
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Phoenix smirked again. “Before or after we got home?”
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He held the look for a little longer before bursting with laughter. “Geez, Miles, I’m kidding.” Throwing his legs over the side of the bed, he leaned forward and attempted to grab the waistband of Miles’ boxers, intent on pulling him closer. His laughter gave way to a tiny, mischievous grin. “We could always fix that, though.”
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“What?” Phoenix innocently asked as he drew the other man closer. He wrapped his arms around Miles’ waist and then rested his chin against his belly, smiling up at him. “I’m probably already sick, anyway…”
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His eyebrows knitted together; he thought about questioning the random use of his surname, but the shiver had him more concerned. Frowning, he pulled away. “Maybe you should lie back down… Do you want me to make you some soup or something?”
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Phoenix wasn’t buying it, but he decided not to press the issue. He knew how stubborn Miles could be, after all. “If you say so,” he said, standing up into another satisfying stretch. “But a warm shower probably wouldn’t hurt, you know. Why don’t you go do that while I throw some water on?”
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“Something you must do,” Phoenix echoed, amused. “You’ve been reading too much classic literature.” He casually rested his hand against Miles’ arm as he passed by. “Let me know when you’re gonna shower so I know when to put the water on.”