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An overdue visit.

Who: Phoenix, Tanyuu
What: Tanyuu visits Phoenix in Los Angeles!
Where: Starting out at the Gourd Lake woods.
When: Some random date, afternoon.
Warnings: None!

Phoenix stood at the designated location, waiting for the world-hopper to arrive with Tanyuu. It was a cool afternoon in Los Angeles--not enough to be called cold, but enough for Phoenix to be wearing a jacket and to have another draped over his arm, just in case Tanyuu got cold. (He had no idea what the weather was going to be like when he extended the invitation and hadn't had a chance to tell her since.) The place at which he chose to meet was well-secluded from the prying eyes of park goers. He figured a short walk through the woods would be a calming introduction to the city (which was chaotically busy at the best of times), not to mention a sight better than his tiny apartment.

He leaned against a tree and checked his watch. They should be arriving any minute...
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She had expected a greater difference- more buildings, more stone, more lights. It did smell different- there was something of a harsh note in the air, and some sort of chemical. But the trees were beautiful; taller than anything she'd seen in years, deeply green. The air was crisp, making her glad that she'd worn a haori over her kimono.

She wasn't here for the scenery, though. Gripping her canes more firmly, she looked around for her host. "Phoenix?"