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Who: Edgeworth, Tomoe Mami
What: Miles Edgeworth chose death, then something inhuman chose death for him. This time it won't be Phoenix Wright who comes to his rescue.
Where: Paris, France
When: Post case 1:5
Warnings: Attempted suicide

[his suicide note had been sincere. the Miles Edgeworth that left Los Angeles couldn't be allowed to survive. he would come back a new man...or he wouldn't come back.]

[for a while his resolve seemed to hold. he fled to Paris and buried himself in the comfort of the great city's libraries, surrounding himself with the touchstones that had once provided so much guidance. but the more he immersed himself in the world's greatest works on philosophy and social justice, the less meaning they held for him. he struggled to reconcile their contents with the tortuous reality he had lived, struggled to tear down everything he thought he knew, hoping against fear that he would find buried underneath it all something true; something right. he fought for it, forsaking his physical needs with the same frenzied, obsessive energy he once devoted to trials, now focused tenfold on destroying himself.]

[in the end, he failed. in the end, he found himself on the Eiffel Tower, leaning far over the railing and looking down on the glistening city he loved so dearly. the buffeting wind brought moisture to his eyes and a gruff, mocking whisper to his ears. somewhere, someone was laughing, the sound high and cruel. he shuddered as he slowly climbed over the railing to perch precariously on the wrong side. numb fingers gripped cold metal. Edgeworth leaned forward and looked down.]
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[Mami isn't normally one to encroach on what is likely another magical girl's territory, but when her soul gem reacts while her class is on tour of the Eiffel Tower, well, she simply can't ignore it. She especially can't ignore it when the trail of magic leads her to a man who is literally on the edge.]

[Before he can make a move, Mami springs into action. Bullets fly, piercing the shadows and destroying the familiars invisible to anyone outside the barrier. It isn't enough to break the man from the witch's spell, but it makes things easier for Mami to clear the way.]

[She reaches over the railing with a warm smile, placing a hand on his shoulder.]

You'll be all right.

[She scans the area for the witch.]
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[She pulls her hand back when he starts and prepares to catch him, should anything happen. It's then that she catches sight of the floating mass cloaked in black leaves above: a giant wind-up ballerina, turning slowly]

[The witch.]

[She turns back to the man with determination.]

It'll be over soon. I promise.

[Without hesitation, she climbs onto the railing and throws her cap into the air, unleashing several muskets, which fire and hit their target simultaneously.]
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[The man will find himself suddenly suspended by yellow ribbons, stopping him a scant few feet above the ground.]

[On the tower, the railing appears to crumble as the witch's barrier becomes visible, and the area is bathed in endless gray mist and pink daisies. Mami uses them to her advantage, jumping from flower to flower until she's as close to the ballerina as she can get.]
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[Mami focuses her magic on this last shot, calling:] Tiro finale! [as an enormous matchlock appears before her, aimed directly at the witch.]

[It goes off with a flash, and for the next several seconds, all that can be seen is gold.]
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[When the light fades, Mami is already on the ground, crouching as though she'd just landed there. The ribbons lower the man to the ground gently and then withdraw, disappearing into thin air.]

[Mami is soon kneeling beside him, now in her usual school wear. She tentatively places her hand on his arm and smiles warmly.]

It's okay. You're all right now.
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[She withdraws her hand but stays at his side.]

Ah-- It's a bit... difficult to explain, honestly. It's probably best if you rest for a while, first.
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[She scans the area to find a crowd gathering not too far away, likely wondering what the commotion was and why she and this man are on the ground.]

[She turns back to him with a no less pleasant but slightly more pleading smile.]

Perhaps we can discuss it over some tea?
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Mm. [She nods and gets to her feet as well, barely standing at eye level with the man’s jabot, and brushes off her skirt.]

My name is Tomoe Mami, by the way. [She bows in greeting, seemingly calm and cheerful in spite of everything that just occurred, as well as the man's obvious suspicion.]
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[She follows quietly and without question, and then settles in the seat across from him. Instead of going into an explanation, she waits patiently, assuming he’ll want to ask questions. When he does ask (albeit it not the question she had expected), she nods.]

That’s right. Ah-- but you don’t introduce yourselves that way, do you? You can call me Mami, if that’s more to your liking.
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Oh. Um... [She seems flustered for a moment, taken off guard by the language barrier, and then looks at her companion sheepishly.] I apologize. My French isn’t very good... Could you possibly...?
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[smile] Thank you. Just tea, please.
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[After a nod of thanks, she listens to what he has to say and then responds, simply:]

It was a witch.
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[nods again] As I said, it's a bit difficult to explain. Normally, people lose consciousness or deem the experience a hallucination, but it is a matter of fact: she was a witch, and you were being influenced by her curse. It's my duty to stop such things.
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[She watches him for a moment, and then a smile that's beyond her years graces her features, soft and somewhat sad, yet appreciative of his concern.]

It's the choice I made. [and then, with a chuckle, the look is gone] Studying is still a duty, though balancing the two can be difficult, at times...

[The server returns with the pot of Darjeeling and sets it in the center of the table. Mami gives her thanks in French--one of the few things she knows how to say--and then begins pouring tea, first for her companion and then for herself.]
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I live alone. [She blows on her tea and then takes a small, careful sip.]
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Oh no. My class is taking a cultural tour of Europe.
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[She studies him for a moment, taking another sip of tea. It’s obvious this man is troubled beyond a witch’s curse; he’s defensive and closed off, only asking questions and actively avoiding Mami’s offers of comfort. Furthermore, he doesn’t seem surprised or disturbed by the fact that she found him in such a dangerous position. Perhaps it had been his intention…]

[She rests her cup in its saucer and asks him, concernedly:]

How are you feeling now?
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But wouldn't that make this conversation a hallucination, as well?
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No... No, I know it doesn't.

[She drops her gaze to her cup, as well, staring at its contents while she continues:]

I promise I have no reason to lie to you. There’s nothing to gain by trying to convince you what did or didn't happen, but.... [looks up] ...but whatever it was, perhaps it was only meant to keep you from making a mistake.
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[She seems genuinely surprised by his ire for a moment, but the look is soon replaced by a melancholy smile.]

...You're right, of course. I apologize. It's not my intention to pass judgment. [reaches for her tea again] I don't like watching people hurt.