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[RL] Sooo...what now?

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Luck wasn’t with Edgeworth that night. His workload, the interruptions of co-workers, his own distraction (and, perhaps, trepidation) all conspired together to keep him in the office even later than anticipated. By the time he finally made it to his car it was almost 9:00, and he was feeling simultaneously drained and high with the sickly kind of nervous energy he often felt after concluding a particularly trying trial.

Not quite ready for direct contact, he texted Wright instead; it was a short, polite text, apologizing for the late hour and asking if his partner was still up for dinner. Then he rifled through his briefcase while he waited for the reply, fiddling with papers and struggling mightily with the urge to keep looking at his phone.
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Phoenix himself had been struggling with the same urge throughout the day. Although he was aware that Edgeworth often worked late into the night, he'd been anxiously anticipating a phone call since at least 5:00. With little more than TV and books to distract him at home, he'd caught himself checking his phone on an embarrassingly regular basis, jumping at any sound it made, and fighting the urge to simply call Edgeworth himself. It wasn't that he was desperate; no, it was actually worse than that.

He was worried -- about what he wasn't exactly sure. Perhaps that Edgeworth would change his mind or run away or just not call at all. Whatever the reason, with each passing hour, Phoenix became more anxious, until finally his phone dinged with an incoming text message at nearly 9:00. Like a weight being lifted, the tension left him as soon as he saw what it said, and he shook his head at his own foolishness as he hurriedly typed a response, smiling to himself.

'It's OK. Dinner is good, I'm starving.'

Of course, now he was nervous for an entirely different reason, but that would have to run its course.
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A few moments passed before the door was open. Phoenix stood there, the very air around him buzzing with nervousness, but he was smiling. Though his appearance didn't seem much different than usual, a critical eye might notice the effort he'd put into grooming himself in the short time before Edgeworth arrived: clean-shaven and only a few, frustrating hairs out of place. There may have even been an extra hint of his usual cologne.

"Hey," he greeted.
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Phoenix shook his head. "No, not really. I mean, whatever you feel like having is fine with me. I'm not picky." He ran a hand through his hair and caught a whiff of his cologne, immediately regretting that extra dab he'd put on before answering the door. Geez, he must look like such a fool right now; he really should have gone as he was. It's not like Edgeworth wasn't used to it, anyway...
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Phoenix locked the door, discreetly rubbing his wrists on the front of his pants while Edgeworth was looking away. Maybe that'd dull the scent a little...

"Gastropub?" he asked as he turned around, an eyebrow cocked. The 'gastro' part didn't sound particularly appealing to him, but he knew Edgeworth's tastes well enough to be certain they weren't going to some greasy dive. Still, not the most appetizing term, in Phoenix's humble opinion.

He shrugged and deposited his keys into his pocket. "Sure, that's fine. I've never been to one, but I'm hungry enough to try something new."
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Phoenix followed close behind, rolling his eyes.

"I know what shepherd's pie is, Edgeworth," he replied. At least, he'd heard of it before; now that he thought about it, he wasn't exactly sure what went into one, but he wasn't about to make a bigger fool of himself by clarifying that. Maybe he should try it tonight...
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Phoenix eyed him dubiously and then slid into the passenger's seat, shutting the door behind him.

"Should I be worried?"
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Phoenix's stomach rolled at the remark, and he swallowed in spite of himself. It was obvious Edgeworth was talking about the food, but the whirlwind of thoughts that had been going through Phoenix's head all day (and before that, even) made it difficult to not to apply the words to the overall situation.

He avoided eye contact by buckling his seatbelt, ignoring the first signs of heat rising to his face. "When have I ever?"
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"Who objects where food is concerned?" Phoenix countered, turning a raised eyebrow at Edgeworth, his ridiculous thoughts silenced for the moment. A smirk played at his lips. "I seem to remember you giving me a hard time about a sandwich shop, which--thank you very much--had great sandwiches. Besides," he added, "just because I know what I like and what I don't like doesn't mean I don't want to 'expand my horizons'. It just means I don't want to expand them towards things like fancy lamb chops and escargot."
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"I don't like lamb," Phoenix replied with a shrug. "And for the record, I take offense to you implying that I eat food of 'questionable quality'. If you want questionable quality and seedy establishments, try spending a day downtown with Maya or Larry. I guarantee my sandwich shop will seem like five stars in comparison."