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[there's a sizable crowd at the Wonderbar tonight. Trucy has just wowed them with her latest trick, which involved turning a pair of bunny slippers into actual, live bunnies, using the magic of her famous panties. as the show draws to a close, she takes the stage for one last trick]

Alright, ladies and gentlemen! For my final act, I'm going to need an assistant! Are there any volunteers?

[she makes a show of scanning the tables, looking for that perfect someone]
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You're currently standing outside the law offices of Wright & Co! A sign on the door states the office hours (8:00AM - 5:00PM, Mon - Fri), though the attorney who runs the practice has been known to keep odd hours at times, often coming in early or late, staying in well past closing time, or even spending the night.

The door leads into a reception area with a long couch against one wall and an equally long desk in the center of the room. On the desk is a plaque that reads 'Maya Fey', but she doesn't appear to be in right now.

Beyond that, there's another door that reads 'Phoenix Wright, Attorney at Law'. This is where you'll typically find the defense attorney, though how busy he is or isn't will depend on the time of day and whether he's currently embroiled in a case.

[OOC: Some of you may remember me setting up an open post similar to this a few years ago. Basically, it's what the tin says: an RL open to anyone! This is plain ol' canon Phoenix, post-Trials and Tribulations, but if you'd like to resume CR from past games, just let me know! Thanks. ♥]
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It's early evening, and Cyril Kamelot is bored, so what better thing to do than host a ball? It's one of his favorite pastimes. After all, it gives him at chance to play house in front of everybody by showing off his wonderful, lovely family.

The entire multiverse is invited. There's plenty of room for everyone to get around and then some, as the Kamelot estate houses a massive mansion and acres upon acres of gardens, including an exemplary rose garden that contains a hedge maze. Feel free to wander wherever you like and speak with whomever you wish, but do try to behave yourself. Cyril has an extensive staff whose current duty is to watch out for troublemakers.

((OOC: Go wild! Post with and reply to whomever you like! Prose, action spam, A COMBINATION OF THE TWO, WHATEVER. Everything is fair game! Just remember that this is an RP post open to all and not part of any game canon.

Also feel free to take liberties in regards to Cyril's home. I intentionally left the description vague so people could do whatever they want!))