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[Phoenix sighs contentedly. Something about tonight is especially nice, he thinks, though he can't say exactly why. It isn't as though it's the first time they've spent their nights like this: him lying on the couch, head cushioned against Edgeworth's thigh, and Edgeworth silently reading a book above him; the TV on, just loud enough for him to make out some words; Sigi happily curled on the floor at his master's feet.

It isn't the first time they've spent their nights like this, no, but it is rare, now that he thinks about it. Too often Edgeworth spends his nights in his study, working on something or another that can't possibly wait until morning to finish. Every once in a while, though, he'll venture out to join Phoenix for a quiet night like this, and as much as Phoenix likes to complain about the man's workaholic tendencies, he supposes it does make these rare moments special.

Smiling, he idly reaches a hand down to gently (and maybe a bit hesitantly) pet Sigi's fur, satisfied when the dog doesn't flinch or move away.

Tonight is especially nice, he concludes, and his happiness inspires an urge he's found himself shying away from for far too long. Without giving himself a chance to think or doubt, he quietly, boldly says:]

I love you, you know.
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[Things at Wright & Co have been quiet since Maya's been needed in Kurain more often. When it's especially bad, Phoenix likes to fill the silence with music, sometimes classics like Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Ella Fitzgerald (or "old fart music", as Maya would say, giving him a teasing look). Now happens to be one such time.

"All of Me" is currently streaming from his computer speakers. With his back to the door, he stands at the filing cabinet, attempting to organize his backlog of files as he taps his foot in time with the beat. Occasionally he hums or sings along, usually painfully out of key.]
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Who: Edgeworth, Mia
What: DDD-inspired. During a virus, the community decides to bring Mia back for a few days--and drops her in Edgeworth's apartment
Where: Los Angeles, CA - Edgeworth's apartment
When: A good while after Phoenix and Edgeworth got together in DDD.
Warnings: None that I can think of! The silliness of the situation?

If Mia hadn't looked in on her friends and family from time to time, she might have been alarmed by her current surroundings: the kitchen of a gaudy apartment that she'd never seen in her life, being watched like a hawk by a dog she'd never met. The fact was, however, that she had been checking in on her friends, and she had seen enough to know that this was Edgeworth's apartment, that the dog giving her the stink eye belonged to him, and that her reason for being here now was likely due to the strange "community" that occupied most of Phoenix's time these days.

From behind a cup of freshly steeped tea, she smiled at Sigi. Phoenix. Maya... It had been a while. Too long, in fact.

She sat, waiting.
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Who: Quatre, Ranka
What: Quatre. Ranka. Mistletoe. Need I say more?
Where: Some random place the community sent everybody for the holidays.
When: Christmastime
Warnings: Tooth-rotting cuteness?

[Quatre stands near the refreshments, nursing a glass of punch as he surveys the festivities; he seems blissfully unaware of the unmistakable plant hung from the ceiling above him]
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Who: Quatre, Edgeworth
What: A virus strikes! Quatre and Edgeworth are forced to stay within proximity of each other, lest they become terribly ill.
Where: The Maganac's village and base of operations.
When: Some random point in time.
Warnings: None!

The sun peaked through the curtains of the window, slowly bathing the small bedroom in light. It was a quiet morning; the only sounds that could be heard were those of men and women setting up shops at the market down the hill, and those were only faint echos at best.

It was a day to sleep in--not that Quatre normally did. There was something about this place, though, something peaceful and safe. Everyone knew who he was, just as they did nearly everywhere he went these days, but the Maganac Corps were like family, and so was everyone in the village by proxy. He could forget about politics and disarmament, at least for a moment, which was why--when a sliver of sunlight positioned itself directly over his face--the young man simply winced and rolled over with nothing more than a groan.

He could afford a moment more.
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Who: Tavros, Azula
What: Hanging out!
Where: In the Veil.
When: Some time after the trolls have settled there but before Tavros gets his robolegs.
Warnings: None!

[There's Tavros, just chillin' in his four wheel device near one of the computers. It looks like he'd been trolling someone earlier but has since given up in favor of shuffling his Fiduspawn cards. A small, white stuffed bull is set on the floor across from him, and there is a pile of host plushes nearby.

Surely he's not pitiful enough to pretend to play fiduspawn with the likeness of his dead lusus, right? Surely.

But wow, does it look like that's what he's about to do.]
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Who: Edgeworth, the Corinthian (II)
What: The Corinthian wants to introduce his boyfriendo to a new method of relaxation~
Where: The Corinthian's citadel
When: Late evening
Warnings: Kinkiness and sexy tiems.

The evening began with a film at Mann's Chinese Theater, continued with dinner and drinking at a quiet, out of the way place in Tuscany, and ended in the Corinthian's cavernous bedroom. With his mood well lubricated by glass after glass of fine red wine, Edgeworth was more eager than usual to follow the natural progression of events. His willingness to demonstrate that fact was even more uncharacteristic; as soon as the large, black bed was in sight, he sauntered toward it, untying his jabot as he walked.

"You did say you won't be needed again until tomorrow evening?"
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Who: Edgeworth, the Corinthian (II)
What: A celebration is interrupted by an old favorite virus.
Where: Edgeworth's apartment
When: Mid-evening
Warnings: None

Sieghard was waiting by the door long before the jangling of keys preceded their entrance into the apartment. Edgeworth greeted the dog with a few gentle pats, leading him out of the doorway to allow their guest room to enter.

"Can I get you anything?" he asked, for once mindful of his duties as host. "There should still be a few beers left from the last time you were here."

Sieghard moved on to the Corinthian, planting himself at the nightmare's side and sniffing curiously at his hand before greeting him with a lick.


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Who: Miles Edgeworth, Sokka
What: The community decides Edgeworth could use a short vacation.
Where: Avatar-verse
When: Random date, pre-The Library episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Since Edgeworth joined the community, waking up in strange locations (or strange company) had become an all too common occurrence. The last two times he’d suddenly found himself in a forest had resulted in a (recurring) case of Typhoid and a short, terrifying stay on Jurassic Park, so it's with a healthy measure of trepidation that he pushes himself into a sitting position and stares around the moonlit campsite he’d been dropped into, struggling to make out details in the limited light.