Down the rabbit hole...

Initiating neural handshake in 30 seconds. 29... 28... 27...

[They must be desperate, Phoenix thinks as he glances sidelong at Klavier. This is the third time they've thrown the pair together since learning they were drift compatible. (And boy, wasn't that a surprise, not least of all to Phoenix and Klavier themselves. Phoenix recalls their first sparring session, which he assumed would end in disaster, or at least mutual frustration. Instead, it ended in mutual bewilderment. The only other times Phoenix had been able to not only predict someone's every move with such accuracy but have his actions anticipated in equal measure were his training sessions with Edgeworth, who'd since climbed the ranks to Marshall.)

With two failed attempts under their belts, one would think the field division would be focusing its attention on pilots who at least get along, thus ensuring a chance at completing a neural handshake.

The fact is, though, they are desperate, and everyone knows it. The last battle came at a high cost, killing two and injuring several more. It would be ridiculous not to exhaust every resource, even at the risk of a third failure.

23... 22.... 21...

Phoenix lets out a lengthy sigh and turns to Klavier with a resigned smile.]

So... Here we are again.

Everything short of...

[Phoenix sighs contentedly. Something about tonight is especially nice, he thinks, though he can't say exactly why. It isn't as though it's the first time they've spent their nights like this: him lying on the couch, head cushioned against Edgeworth's thigh, and Edgeworth silently reading a book above him; the TV on, just loud enough for him to make out some words; Sigi happily curled on the floor at his master's feet.

It isn't the first time they've spent their nights like this, no, but it is rare, now that he thinks about it. Too often Edgeworth spends his nights in his study, working on something or another that can't possibly wait until morning to finish. Every once in a while, though, he'll venture out to join Phoenix for a quiet night like this, and as much as Phoenix likes to complain about the man's workaholic tendencies, he supposes it does make these rare moments special.

Smiling, he idly reaches a hand down to gently (and maybe a bit hesitantly) pet Sigi's fur, satisfied when the dog doesn't flinch or move away.

Tonight is especially nice, he concludes, and his happiness inspires an urge he's found himself shying away from for far too long. Without giving himself a chance to think or doubt, he quietly, boldly says:]

I love you, you know.

When somebody loves you...

[Things at Wright & Co have been quiet since Maya's been needed in Kurain more often. When it's especially bad, Phoenix likes to fill the silence with music, sometimes classics like Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Ella Fitzgerald (or "old fart music", as Maya would say, giving him a teasing look). Now happens to be one such time.

"All of Me" is currently streaming from his computer speakers. With his back to the door, he stands at the filing cabinet, attempting to organize his backlog of files as he taps his foot in time with the beat. Occasionally he hums or sings along, usually painfully out of key.]

Vampires! Everyone loves vampires!

Please help me fulfill my love of gratuitous vampire plot. No logic necessary here. One character is a newly-turned vampire, the other is the first human (or other food source) to come across them. Is the vampire valiantly resisting the primal urge to feed or thanking their lucky stars that lunch has arrived?

Setup can be as detailed or vague as you want. Please note in the subject line or tag whether your character is a vampire or vampire chow and any squicks you'd rather avoid. It's safe to assume that violence, non-con, or bloodplay might crop up since, you know...vampires.

Have fun~

[ RL: Open Post | Phoenix's Office ]

You're currently standing outside the law offices of Wright & Co! A sign on the door states the office hours (8:00AM - 5:00PM, Mon - Fri), though the attorney who runs the practice has been known to keep odd hours at times, often coming in early or late, staying in well past closing time, or even spending the night.

The door leads into a reception area with a long couch against one wall and an equally long desk in the center of the room. On the desk is a plaque that reads 'Maya Fey', but she doesn't appear to be in right now.

Beyond that, there's another door that reads 'Phoenix Wright, Attorney at Law'. This is where you'll typically find the defense attorney, though how busy he is or isn't will depend on the time of day and whether he's currently embroiled in a case.

[OOC: Some of you may remember me setting up an open post similar to this a few years ago. Basically, it's what the tin says: an RL open to anyone! This is plain ol' canon Phoenix, post-Trials and Tribulations, but if you'd like to resume CR from past games, just let me know! Thanks. ♥]

[RL] In honor of the earthquakes we had over the past 24 hours...

Who: Phoenix, Edgeworth
What: Earthquaaaaaaaaake!
Where: Los Angeles, CA - The courthouse
When: DDD-verse, pre-relationship.
Warnings: None as far as we know!

Edgeworth lingered in the restroom during the recess, wasting what was for him an unusual amount of time on simple actions like washing his hands and rinsing his face with ice cold water. Unlike some people, he didn't find anything calming in the routine activities. If anything they only bought him a few extra minutes to perform the mental wrangling that was required to rein in his thoughts.

He didn't hate Wright anymore, but by god, there were days when he could remember all too well how it felt. Standing across from him in court was a singular experience. Some days it brought the most exhilarating feeling he'd ever known.

Other days, like this one, he ended up desperate for a way to bring Wright's endless arguments to a screeching halt at almost any cost. There would never be another opponent capable of burrowing under his skin with such vicious and completely unconscious efficiency.

[RL] Sooo...what now?

((OOC: Continuing this thread omg.))

Luck wasn’t with Edgeworth that night. His workload, the interruptions of co-workers, his own distraction (and, perhaps, trepidation) all conspired together to keep him in the office even later than anticipated. By the time he finally made it to his car it was almost 9:00, and he was feeling simultaneously drained and high with the sickly kind of nervous energy he often felt after concluding a particularly trying trial.

Not quite ready for direct contact, he texted Wright instead; it was a short, polite text, apologizing for the late hour and asking if his partner was still up for dinner. Then he rifled through his briefcase while he waited for the reply, fiddling with papers and struggling mightily with the urge to keep looking at his phone.

Domestic bliss.

Who: Phoenix, Edgeworth
What: Edgeworth comes home from work late. Phoenix is waiting. Just a random little scene.
Where: Edgeworth's apartment
When: Some random date, nighttime.
Warnings: Possibly gratuitous sex?

[it's getting late; Phoenix used the key Edgeworth entrusted to him to get into the apartment, his trial having let out early. With nothing better to do, he made some dinner (enough for two, one plate stowed in the microwave as it got later), thumbed through some law magazines on the ottoman, and then settled on the couch to watch some mindless television. This is where Edgeworth will find him when he returns: slouched on the sofa, half asleep, with a dog curled up by his legs.]

[The image of domestic bliss.]

An overdue visit.

Who: Phoenix, Tanyuu
What: Tanyuu visits Phoenix in Los Angeles!
Where: Starting out at the Gourd Lake woods.
When: Some random date, afternoon.
Warnings: None!

Phoenix stood at the designated location, waiting for the world-hopper to arrive with Tanyuu. It was a cool afternoon in Los Angeles--not enough to be called cold, but enough for Phoenix to be wearing a jacket and to have another draped over his arm, just in case Tanyuu got cold. (He had no idea what the weather was going to be like when he extended the invitation and hadn't had a chance to tell her since.) The place at which he chose to meet was well-secluded from the prying eyes of park goers. He figured a short walk through the woods would be a calming introduction to the city (which was chaotically busy at the best of times), not to mention a sight better than his tiny apartment.

He leaned against a tree and checked his watch. They should be arriving any minute...

(no subject)

Who: Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth
What: Non-canon AU; Edgeworth mourns the loss of his friend, Phoenix Wright, who died several weeks ago. (OR DID HE?)
Where: Edgeworth's home, deep in the south
When: Night time, late 19th Century

- - -

Phoenix was well aware that he shouldn't be there. He'd been told several times--warned, even--to forget the life he'd had before, that even if he sought the people who once knew him, nothing would or could ever be the same. What they didn't understand, however, was that Miles Edgeworth was not a man one could so easily forget.

It started three nights ago. Phoenix had stood outside the other man's window, trying to drum up the courage to face him, even at the risk of being reviled, possibly pursued. Such a gamble, he reasoned, was as much for Edgeworth's benefit as Phoenix's own, selfish desire to see his old friend again. Edgeworth had had one too many people unexpectedly ripped from his life with little to no closure; Phoenix decided he would not be another.

So it was now, on the fourth night, that the once defense attorney stood outside Edgworth's window, staring at the drawn curtains on the other side of the glass. He didn't know if the window was locked, and he didn't intend to find out through any underhanded means. Instead, he lifted his hand and knocked four times at a very practiced, specific tempo. Hopefully, Edgeworth would remember the code from their younger days.

(no subject)

Who: Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright
What: The No Consequences virus turns out to be conveniently timed.
Where: Edgeworth's Apartment
When: Non-canon DDD, Christmas Eve 2020

Under these circumstances, the view was surprisingly enjoyable. With his third glass in hand, it was easy enough to let his vision lose focus as he stared down at the city below, blurring the scene just enough so that the street, festooned with garlands and covered in gaudy decorations, became only a painting of lights, brilliant and non-specific.

Edgeworth glanced over at his companion; Wright had far more reason to enjoy the sight, and his gentle smile testified that he was doing just that. Edgeworth's lips quirked in return, the smallest flash of movement on his pale, otherwise impassive face, then he turned back to the view, leaning more heavily on the railing and taking a sip of his wine.

This did seem to be well on the way to becoming a tradition.

[What if...] [RL 1]

Who: Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright
What: Personal virus affecting Edgeworth.
Where: Edgeworth and Phoenix's home.
When: Saturday morning.

He awakened slowly, as he usually did on the weekends. He drifted lazily out of sleep, allowed himself those precious minutes of half-consciousness, and then, finally, spared a few more moments on the simple pleasure of a soft bed below him and a warm comfor--

A warm limb, stretched casually across his chest... When peripheral vision showed him the vague, somewhat flattened outline of dark spikes beside him Edgeworth was lost in a few panicked seconds of deja vu. He tensed and turned his head to stare at the (unfortunately familiar) form huddled beside (and, dear god, on top of) him.