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Who: Edgeworth, Luck Gandor
What: Time to schmooze.
Where: The annual policeman's ball in Los Angeles, CA
When: Middle of a winter's weekend evening, December 2021
Warnings: None.

The Policeman's Ball seemed to get more insufferable every single year. Given the way the previous year's event had ended, this didn't bode well for Edgeworth's evening.

Of course, the fact that he went into it expecting to be miserable may have had something to do with the boredom he was wallowing in thus far...or perhaps it was his aloof demeanour and those cool stares that kept all but the most determined partygoers at bay. Either way, he wasn't enjoying himself and he seemed hellbent on making the rest of the world aware of this fact.

That is, until he was cornered by his superior, who asserted that he owed the department a debt over the fiasco he had a hand in the previous year and isn't this the perfect opportunity to pay them back? Despite his vehement protests he was shuffled from one knot of people to the next and forced to 'play nice' with the department's chief benefactors under the threat of severe repercussions. By the time he thought he would be released from duty, he was a hair's breadth away from fleeing the party altogether, which was apparently just fine by his supervisor...provided he schmoozed one final guest first.

Left alone, Edgeworth discreetly watched the man from a short distance, studying the cut and quality of his clothes, his company, his grooming. He nursed his champagne (the fourth glass of the night), and once his assigned target was himself alone Edgeworth finally approached him.

A few minutes. Just a few minutes of civil conversation, then he could excuse himself and retreat to his castle and his dog and his own bottle of rich, red wine.

"Mr. Gandor?"

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Luck sometimes enjoyed parties like this, but most of the time he found them dull and boring. He'd been raised to schmooze with powerful men, and he found it easy to chat and elbow rub and charm people without having to engage his brain too deeply.

It was just second nature to him, even though he'd never thought, all those years ago, that he would find himself on the white side of the law, an important benefactor to the police, rather than the kind of guy who hid and reached for weapons when the police came around. He rather liked it, though sometimes he missed the more interesting days.

Also second nature was researching those he gave money to, and that included the finely-dressed gentleman who now approached him. Luck was perhaps more thorough than most in that regard, knowing how much of an effect it could have.

He smiled as Edgeworth addressed him, raising his glass of scotch in a slight salute, the glass tinkling. "Miles Edgeworth, if I'm not mistaken. Please, call me Luck." He held out his hand to the other man.

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"As you wish," Luck said easily, his own voice marred by a mix of Italian and Brooklyn, something he had done nothing to try to staunch despite now living on the opposite coast.

He noticed the hesitancy to touch, filed it away with the rest. He'd heard that Edgeworth was formal, to the point of obsession, and so far he hadn't surprised him.

At the question he shrugged, leaning against the wall slightly and taking a sip of his liquor. "It's a fine ball," he said. "Your bosses put on a class act, to be sure. I wouldn't mind a bit more jazz in the repertoire, though," he said, gesturing towards the orchestra with a twist of his lips. "I never could get interested in classical."

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"Maybe," Luck said with an easy laugh, his gold eyes missing little of Edgeworth's changeable expression. "Though I have to say, if I haven't changed my tastes by now, I doubt I will. I'm pretty set in my ways, though I try to fake it sometimes."

He shrugged. "I'm glad your friend was able to convince you to open your mind, though."

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"It's good to have a friend like that," Luck said with a smile. "And you're right. It's best not to lie to yourself, even if you do wind up lying to others all the time."

He sobered a little, his eyes growing a bit more thoughtful. "In fact, I'd say it's critical, at the very least, not to lie to yourself."

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Luck chuckled faintly, taking another sip from his champagne glass. "Lying in general is something to be handled delicately, I'd say. People in my line of work are pretty much expected to lie, or at least bluff, but whether you're lying to yourself or others... if you live long enough, it's almost inevitable that it'll catch up to you."

He shrugged. "But that doesn't mean that lying is always wrong. Sometimes it's necessary. That's just practicality. And of course, the best lies are the truth."

Luck was particularly well acquainted with that last. He flicked a hand dismissively. "But this conversation is getting far too serious, don't you think?"

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Luck saw a flicker of disappointment in Edgeworth's eyes and realized he'd made a mistake, drawing back as quickly as he had. He chuckled softly and drained his glass, then glanced about for a server so he could get another.

"In that case, feel free to challenge me. I wouldn't want to feel as if I'd driven you away, and I don't mind," he said honestly, curious what Edgeworth would say. "I'd say I have nothing to hide, but that's not actually true, so instead I'll say that I doubt you have the skills to ferret it out of me."

There, hopefully that would intrigue the man enough to make things more interesting for Luck now.

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Luck only smirked, brushing a hand through his hair. "I've heard of the legendary skills of the Demon Prosecutor," he said, his eyes twinkling with mischief. "I'm not afraid, Mr. Edgeworth. Actually, I'm looking forward to putting those so-called skills to the test. What you don't have, in this instance, is luck on your side."

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Luck smiled. "You say that as if I haven't already done so. It's a long-standing habit to thoroughly research my business investments." He gestured around the room. "I have at least some idea of who all these people are, and you...are a major player."

He leaned back. Now to begin the game. A waiter was coming towards them with a tray of champagne flutes. Luck's attention turned from Edgeworth and he straightened, gesturing for a glass.

Then something caught his attention, a movement he knew well and which didn't belong in a waiter. As the assassin's weapon slipped out from under the concealing cloth, Luck moved fearlessly, diving between Edgeworth and the man, and then going straight for him.

A gunshot fired. Someone screamed. Luck felt the bullet hit him in the stomach and burrow deep, and he gasped at the pain even as he tackled the assassin and they both went down in a shower of glasses and liquor.

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Luck cursed softly, wrestling with the gunman as best as he could as blood flowed out of the wound. He felt hands grabbing at him and pulling him up as other hands grabbed the assassin and put handcuffs on him.

Luck let himself be pulled away, but tried to wave them off. "I'm okay, I'm okay," he said, wrenching his arms away from goodhearted helpers and turning away from them to try to hide the blood staining his shirt. Unfortunately, as he turned away he looked up into Edgeworth's gaze, his hand dropping down to cover the wound trying to hide the way blood flowed back into the wound.

"I'm fine, he missed me," he said urgently. "He was after Mr. Edgeworth. Someone make sure he wasn't hit, I don't know where the bullet went."

In truth, the bullet was now in his hand, having been pushed out of the wound. His fingers closed around it as he lowered his hands. Now there was only a small hole in his shirt, hopefully not noticeable.

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That had, of course, been Luck's intention from the beginning. Not just to throw Edgeworth off by the announcement, but to turn everyone's attention away from him and onto the prosecutor, so no one would notice that he had been shot and yet was suspiciously okay.

It was a good thing, though, that he had been telling the truth.

He nodded. "I'm sure of it. He was looking at you, not me, and not aiming for me, either." He glanced at the assassin, scowling slightly. "I think you'll find that he's a hired gun. Maybe he was hired by someone with a grudge against you, Edgeworth." Luck could say that with reasonable confidence, especially since he recognized the man. A professional assassin Luck was aware of through his less savoury contacts. Likely the man had known Luck, too, and hadn't expected him to do anything about the gun.

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"It can be," Luck said with a wry laugh. "But I'd have thought you'd get shot at regularly, being such a good prosecutor, Edgeworth."

He could tell Edgeworth was shaken, and he stepped a little closer, putting a light hand on the man's arm. Poor kid. He definitely wasn't used to being in mortal danger, and that wasn't very surprising, all things considered.

"Let's get out of here," he suggested quietly. "I'll buy you a drink somewhere less public. It's no fun at all getting shot at, I know."

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Luck dropped his hand when he saw the flinching reaction, not pushing it. But he did raise his hand to try to steer Edgeworth towards the door. "It'll take hours for the police to get their statement. Please, Edgeworth. It wasn't just you I thought needed the drink."

He gave a rueful laugh. "I just tackled an armed gunman, after all - I could use a drink pretty badly, and I mean something more than the watered down shit they're serving here - if you'll pardon my French."

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"My statement?" Luck blinked. He hadn't even thought of that. His experience with cops had mostly been to slip out the back door while they came in the front for the first part of his life, and he'd mostly avoided them since. Other than balls, of course. But he hadn't been involved in anything criminal.

"Ah... of course, my statement," he said with a faint laugh. "I forgot. I guess I should wait on that drink, after all."

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Luck had been about to protest. As the intended victim of the attack, he'd been pretty sure it had to be some kind of conflict of interest for him to investigate the crime himself.

Thankfully Edgeworth's bosses were way ahead of him.

He flashed a grateful grin at the scruffy detective and took Edgeworth's elbow firmly in hand. "Your bosses have spoken. Let's get out of their way, my good man, and let them do their jobs."

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Luck smiled almost apologetically at the unfortunate man and then strode after Edgeworth, inwardly rolling his eyes.

"Well, I have to say I'm glad," he said cheerfully when he caught up. "It'll give us more of a chance to get to know one another before we get mired in the wonderful world of investigation on the other side from what you're used to."

Or what I'm used to, Luck reflected wryly. There were three sides to any investigation, after all.

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"Of course I'm the silver-lining sort," Luck contradicted, maintaining his smile, though his eyes flicked casually over towards the man who was following them. "I've found having a certain amount of optimism makes life a great deal more enjoyable. And I'm a responsible sort, don't get me wrong. My youngest brother probably thought I was downright stolid, but I like for life to have its good points."

They had reached the hotel lounge, and Luck picked a table near the back, automatically sliding into the booth with his back to the wall, so he could watch the entrance.

He blatantly gestured to the suited man who'd been following them. "Going to invite your friend to join us?"

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Luck laughed. "I think optimism is a far cry from outright delusion, Edgeworth. When one looks at the bright side of a situation, it's not invention. It's just acknowledging it. Determined pessimism is just as unrealistic."

He watched Edgeworth chew out the officer with amusement, then reached for the drinks menu. "I guess he's worried I might have saved your life only to kill you myself. Personally, that seems like a bit of a waste of time."

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"I wasn't being optimistic about the assassination attempt," Luck said. "I was being optimistic about the drinking." He lifted a hand and waved a waiter over to take their order.

He suspected Edgeworth was still very much rattled, and wondered if he were being too relaxed. After all, he'd 'nearly' gotten shot, and he was supposed to be a young businessman. It wouldn't be surprising if this were the first time someone like him had ever been in a dangerous situation, but it was too late to pretend now. He wondered what Edgeworth was making of that.

"At least they care about your well-being," he pointed out, smiling.

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Luck could only hope that by the time Edgeworth got over his shock enough to think straight, he'd have forgotten the details of some of what Luck had said and how he'd acted.

Though it really wasn't that big a deal - what were the chances of Edgeworth realizing that he was immortal? Unless he saw the hole in his shirt or the slug in his pocket, he was probably safe in that sense.

He ordered a scotch over ice, a nice vintage from a decade or so ago, and set his menu down. When Edgeworth had also ordered and the waiter was gone, he grinned. "It's frustrating sometimes to be surrounded by overprotective, well-meaning friends. I'm well aware, though most of my own friends know I can take care of myself."

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Luck rolled his eyes. Edgeworth was a pretty odd fellow, that was for sure.

"Three of them, yes," Luck said, shifting back and resting just as comfortably. "Two older and a younger one we adopted when he was little. The youngest, Claire's not with us anymore, though."

Despite himself, his lips pulled down at that. None of them had ever really expected him to die, and Luck had even tried to ply Firo into helping him get some of the immortality wine into him, but Claire had managed to avoid all of their attempts. He'd been spry and healthy until well into his nineties.

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Luck blinked, his eyebrows quirking with bemusement at Edgeworth's comment. Claire hadn't been young at all, white and wrinkled and having lived a full life. But he quickly tried to cover the reaction and wiped the expression from his face.

"He died as he would have wanted," he said with a small cough. "I'm sure he had no regrets, no matter how young he was."