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Who: Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright
What: The No Consequences virus turns out to be conveniently timed.
Where: Edgeworth's Apartment
When: Non-canon DDD, Christmas Eve 2020

Under these circumstances, the view was surprisingly enjoyable. With his third glass in hand, it was easy enough to let his vision lose focus as he stared down at the city below, blurring the scene just enough so that the street, festooned with garlands and covered in gaudy decorations, became only a painting of lights, brilliant and non-specific.

Edgeworth glanced over at his companion; Wright had far more reason to enjoy the sight, and his gentle smile testified that he was doing just that. Edgeworth's lips quirked in return, the smallest flash of movement on his pale, otherwise impassive face, then he turned back to the view, leaning more heavily on the railing and taking a sip of his wine.

This did seem to be well on the way to becoming a tradition.


Aug. 31st, 2009 08:42 pm
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Who: Miles Edgeworth, Sokka
What: The community decides Edgeworth could use a short vacation.
Where: Avatar-verse
When: Random date, pre-The Library episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Since Edgeworth joined the community, waking up in strange locations (or strange company) had become an all too common occurrence. The last two times he’d suddenly found himself in a forest had resulted in a (recurring) case of Typhoid and a short, terrifying stay on Jurassic Park, so it's with a healthy measure of trepidation that he pushes himself into a sitting position and stares around the moonlit campsite he’d been dropped into, struggling to make out details in the limited light.