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[RL] It was only a matter of time

Who: Edgeworth, the Corinthian (II)
What: A celebration is interrupted by an old favorite virus.
Where: Edgeworth's apartment
When: Mid-evening
Warnings: None

Sieghard was waiting by the door long before the jangling of keys preceded their entrance into the apartment. Edgeworth greeted the dog with a few gentle pats, leading him out of the doorway to allow their guest room to enter.

"Can I get you anything?" he asked, for once mindful of his duties as host. "There should still be a few beers left from the last time you were here."

Sieghard moved on to the Corinthian, planting himself at the nightmare's side and sniffing curiously at his hand before greeting him with a lick.

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"Beer would be great, yeah," the Corinthian replied with a small grin, removing his jacket as he stepped through the door. He would have followed after the prosecutor to grab the drinks himself if he hadn't been stopped short by the dog, but in a rare display of playfulness he even crouched down and roughly scratched the dog's neck.

"If this is what happens for something as simple as going on a trip," he called over his shoulder, "I can't wait to see where we go when I do something that's actually important."

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"I have no idea where you got that impression from." He sat with the mutt for a few seconds more, eventually stood again with a pat to Sigi's head and murmured bit of praise before he finally wandered over to the kitchen himself.

And proceeded to wait patiently in the doorway; as many times as he'd visited he still was unsure of the boundaries Edgeworth no doubt had laid out for guests, and it was better to stay on the safe side. "Thanks, though. You didn't have to do that."

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The bottle was gratefully accepted, about a quarter of it downed in only a few seconds before he replied. "Not too gratuitous, no, but I'll warn you ahead of time for the one part you might want to leave the room for. You ever seen Seven?"

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"I just thought I'd give you a heads up." It was obvious he wasn't trying too hard to keep the teasing tone out of his voice.

"And that's the one, yes." There was a small pause as he shifted the jacket still hanging from his arm, and pulled a blank CD case from the pocket to hand over. "It's a good movie. I think you'd actually like it."

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"You still doubt me? Even after the last few?" Whether or not the nightmare was truly offended, he certainly sounded it. Though he wasted no time in walking over the couch himself and making himself comfortable. "That hurts."

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"Most normal people find slasher films more humorous than anything," he pointed out, though it was a battle he knew had been fought and miserably lost before. "It's not my fault I was mistaken a few times."

Another long drink was taken, and he made a note to grab a least a couple extra bottles when he went for a refill later. He gave Edgeworth a curious look. "Do you already know what this is about?"

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As much as he wanted to try and defend himself the Corinthian wisely managed to keep his mouth shut, even if he did mumble a few things around his bottle before he settled back.

"That kills by the seven sins. The writers got creative with a couple, I'll give them that."

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"I do." He didn't even miss a beat. Confidence was always good, even if it had been rather hit and miss in the past. "And if you don't, I'm sure you'll come up with something equally terrible for me to watch the next time."

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Well, that didn't sound foreboding at all. But he returned the smirk, looking awful pleased with himself. "Start up the movie. Then you can decide if I really deserve that kind of punishment."

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The Corinthian only scoffed quietly and shook his head, the amusement never leaving his face.

But his smirk did fall, just slightly, softening into the ghost of a genuine smile as he set the mostly empty beer aside and got comfortable himself. He really did wish they were able to do this more often....

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A small "Hm?" was the intelligent response, the Corinthian glancing up in confusion and maybe the barest hint of disappointment before he also sat up, took the opportunity to stretch for a moment.

"Ah, another beer, if there is any. Otherwise I'm good." And Sigi got a few absent scratches in return as the dog followed his owner, the nightmare watching after them both. "So what are your thoughts so far?"

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"I don't know, that sounds like good news for me so far." He probably didn't mean to sound mildly triumphant. He also didn't seem too bothered to hide it.

After he finally finished off what was left of his original bottle he shrugged, distracted, replying without thinking. "And thanks, but I'm fairly sure you don't stock what I want."

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"You know, eye--"

And he caught himself right there, his mind catching up to the conversation and cutting it off as quickly as it could, though not before sitting up in a slight panic. Where the hell had that come from?

" I said, I don't need anything."