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Who: Edgeworth, the Corinthian (II)
What: The Corinthian wants to introduce his boyfriendo to a new method of relaxation~
Where: The Corinthian's citadel
When: Late evening
Warnings: Kinkiness and sexy tiems.

The evening began with a film at Mann's Chinese Theater, continued with dinner and drinking at a quiet, out of the way place in Tuscany, and ended in the Corinthian's cavernous bedroom. With his mood well lubricated by glass after glass of fine red wine, Edgeworth was more eager than usual to follow the natural progression of events. His willingness to demonstrate that fact was even more uncharacteristic; as soon as the large, black bed was in sight, he sauntered toward it, untying his jabot as he walked.

"You did say you won't be needed again until tomorrow evening?"


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Uncharacteristic or no, the Corinthian certainly found no reason to complain. He even paused to watch the little demonstration as he walked in after, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth as he tugged his boots off. It was an encouraging sight he didn't get to see very often.

"Even if someone did decide they need me, they're not about to ask." And he wastes even less time in catching up with his companion, arms wrapping loosely around Edgeworth's waist from behind in order to tug him back against the nightmare, close enough to lean in and nip teasingly at the other man's ear. "I think we're good."

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And as much as the nightmare wanted to follow, it was that initial hesitation that held him back. It was a long process, learning each others limits. Instead he occupied himself with shrugging off his own jacket to toss on a corner of the bed's headboard, leaving Edgeworth to the routines he was so fond of.

And he didn't really mind watching the show.

"If there are any others, I haven't seen them yet." That smirk, he decided, really wasn't helping matters, and soon enough he moved back over to the other man. No touching this time, only a light tug at the front of Edgeworth's dress shirt as he leaned close again, mouth near his ear. "Want help with that?"

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A small hum was the only response he got, but the nightmare did take up the invite almost immediately. Slowly, very carefully, the buttons were flicked open one by one, and despite how much he enjoyed getting Edgeworth anxious and flustered, when he finally traced down his jawline to his mouth the soft kiss was still just as tentative as it always was.

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He was a little surprised to find how disappointed he was when the kiss ended, which, as far as he was concerned, was all too quickly. The small noise he made in protest probably said that much.

Though the nightmare was still more than happy to let him assist in tugging his own shirt off, nudging Edgeworth toward the bed all the while. All he needed to do was get the man comfortable and relaxed so they could....

"I wanted to try something a little different. That alright?"

fff <3

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The small action earned an equally small shiver, but it was gone the moment the shirt was successfully tugged off and dropped unceremoniously to the floor. The Corinthian was close again in an instant. He slowly ran his hands up the warm body before him, idly tracing over familiar territory, and in a surprising show of affection he leaned down and nuzzled Edgeworth's neck fondly.

"Mm, I think we both know my thoughts on those tourists," he replied, muffling a small laugh against the other man's skin. "No, it's just....something I've been thinking about."

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"I can be plenty persuasive," he replied with a snort, maybe a trace of mock offense lacing his voice. His hands were already down and working on the man's belt, only to leave it hanging at his waist. Not yet. He had to make himself wait this time, and instead he ran a hand firmly over Edgeworth's abs to better distract the both of them. "But at the risk of giving anything way I'll say it'll be fun and leave it at that."

Without much more warning he carefully push Edgeworth back, seated him on the bed, leaned down and quickly grabbed another heated, increasingly hungry kiss from him before he pulled back with a small smirk. "And if it's not, then I'll just owe you for the time I wasted. How's that?"


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It was quite a tempting sight, he had to admit, to see him lounging back like that, open and willing. Patience never had been a strong suit of his, and for a second he almost threw his plans aside to have the man there and then.

He could match the smirk all too easily, and with a shake of his head and a gesture for Edgeworth to move back further he climbed onto the bed as well.

The next kiss was slower as he moved over Edgeworth and gently laid him out flat, as he caressed his arms fondly, and though he couldn't completely keep the urgency from it it was obvious that for once, he was trying hard not to rush. He was only feeling for now, guiding the other man's arms up above him and leaving them, hands rubbing their way back to his shoulders. For the time being, it seemed that a massage was about all he had in mind to give.

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So far so good. The nightmare continued with the treatment for a few more moments, almost reluctant to end it so soon when his partner looked so at peace. But he had to stop, only briefly, to move up the bed a little further and grab an old scarf he'd left handing off the other side of the headboard.

He looped it around a spoke in the headboard, felt the fabric snag on a bit of barbed wire. And quickly, with practiced movements pulled only from memory, both of Edgeworth's wrists were wrapped, bound together, and the scarf firmly tightened down.

Even with those ever present shades in the way, it was hard to miss the expectant look on his face when he finally settled back.

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That look of fear, however brief it was, didn't go unnoticed, and for half a second the Corinthian was prepared to rip the scarf away again, apologize and drop the idea altogether. All it would have taken was one word from Edgeworth.

He was somewhat proud that his relief didn't show so obviously when the word didn't come.

"I'd hate to think I was becoming predictable or anything." The reply came with a small breath he hadn't known he'd been holding, but it also brought his confidence back as if it hadn't been missing to begin with. He stroked feather soft touches down the man's side. "Like I said. Just a thought."

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"Is that a 'go on ahead' or a 'get me the hell out of this'?" Despite both the question and the squirming those fingers continued tracing up and down Edgeworth's side, an awkward attempt of reassurance on the nightmare's part. But it didn't stop the small frown that started to tug at his mouth. "That sort of thing's good to know in this situation."
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"I can keep that in mind," he chuckled, leaning down to nip at the man's jaw. Without warning a hand was dancing down Edgeworth's other side, the briefest flash of playfulness.

And then the nightmare moved over him again, one leg sliding up against Edgeworth's crotch--possibly on accident, but then again, it was hard to say--as sharp bites and heated kisses trailed down his neck, over his shoulder. "But I don't see what you could do about it otherwise."

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If that snort was anything to go by, the nightmare already knew it. And knew it quite well in fact.

"Tempting." A soft kiss was placed over a particularly rough bite, almost apologetically. Though whether it apologized for ever persistent habits or the way the Corinthian proceeded to grab his belt, pull him that much further down the bed so he could pin down those squirming hips with his own....well, that was another matter entirely. "What are you going to do if I don't, then?"

You do. Because bamf Edgey is....well. bamf.

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The movement was just enough to pull a small noise from the Corinthian; he ground his hips down before he could stop himself. It was only to make sure Edgeworth wouldn't move again. Really.

"And we can't have that," he breathed. There was a small pause as he shifted again, and he continued once he found and tugged open the button on his partner's slacks. "Alright then. You'll just have to let me know what you had in mind after we're done."

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And the soft curse Edgeworth got in return likely gave all of the Corinthian's thoughts on the matter. And if it didn't, the shudder he gave as he followed, grinding down hard against him for just a little bit of relief, probably did.

Unfortunately, the nightmare at least still had the advantage of being able to move away from the contact, even if it was a tad reluctantly. He quickly slid down Edgeworth's frame again, away from any other ideas his partner may have had in mind, trying to keep as much of his weight on the man's legs as he could in the process of working those pants the rest of the way open.

"Now you're just being difficult." Another tug got those pants at least somewhat out of the way. And those briefs followed all too quickly, leaving just enough access for warm fingers to curl loosely around the man beneath him, give one slow stroke with only the barest hint of pressure.

He couldn't help giving a small lop-sided grin. "But you do seem to be enjoying yourself, so I have to be doing something right."

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It was a surprising reaction. One that almost dislodged the nightmare, and caused a small spark of pride through him as he watched the man, never once taking his gaze off the man's eyes. Not until Edgeworth replied again, once again catching him slightly off guard.

"No?" A brow raised behind those sunglasses, the touches slowing.

And then he pulled his hand away, and sat back. He might have been frowning, but even his own shallow breathing wasn't enough fully mask the teasing tone that leaked into his voice.

"Well, there's really no point in continuing if you're not...."

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If Edgeworth truly wasn't comfortable with the way things were progressing, if he really did want the nightmare to stop, he would have said something by now, the Corinthian was sure of it. Something concrete; the older man never had been the type to beat around the bush, after all. And the Corinthian would oblige immediately. He was sure Edgeworth knew that all too well by now.

That noise, with none of those protests to follow it, was all the evidence the nightmare needed. He knew he had him. But regardless, he still sat there, eyed the man with a deceptively neutral expression. Or what little of it could be seen from behind those shades.

When he did move again, it was only to lean up--pointedly and very obviously avoiding any other contact for the moment--and place a small kiss on the other man's jaw.

"You just told me you weren't enjoying it," he murmured, as fingers lazily stroked down Edgeworth's throat. A subtle hint weighed into his next words, pressed just slightly. "I'm not sure what else you want."

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He almost scoffed at that, but thankfully managed to hold it in. And he was just about to protest that "shy" accusation when the rest of what Edgeworth said finally settled in his mind, prompting the nightmare to look down with a raised brow.

" what you're saying is that you actually do enjoy this."

....and possibly the makings of a smirk crossing his face.

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"Then what are you saying, Miles?" This time he couldn't stop the exasperation from coloring his tone, though he tried to hide it by burying his face into the crook of Edgeworth's neck, another kiss following. The nightmare did, however, allow his free hand to feel back down the man's abdomen, stopping just shy of its goal. "I'm a lot of things, but I'm sad to say that psychic still isn't one of them."

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It was possible Edgeworth may have felt something strangely like a smile against his neck at that, but the nightmare didn't linger as he moved to kiss the man's shoulder, moved to kiss his chest. That seemed to be just the answer he was looking for.

"If that's what you think you need." Still, he seemed content to merely pet for a moment longer, just to feel the way the man's muscles jumped and danced under his touch. Until his fingers once again found what he was looking for.

"But in order to do that...." He squeezed almost lazily, flicked a thumb over the sensitive head before he settled into a rhythm of soft, short strokes. "You need to stop squirming and let me finish."

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"I thought about bolting your legs down, but that seemed a little excessive for a first run, you know?" Nevertheless, that did seem to prompt the nightmare to grip Edgeworth's hip the much more firmly. His pace picked up then, almost sharply. "And the enthusiasm was appreciated...."

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The Corinthian didn't answer this time, but at the movement he removed his hand once again to grasp and hold the man's leg, his grip almost seeming to tighten in warning.

But he doesn't leave time for the touch to be missed. Immediately he moved down, warm lips and tongue replacing fingers as he mouthed up his partner's length.

And before Edgeworth had the chance to adjust to that, the nightmare had the whole of him in his mouth.

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While it was enough to earn a startled grunt--and a few muffled sounds that may have been cursing, stifled around the other man--it did nothing to slow him. If anything, it encouraged the nightmare to start off even faster. He pressed Edgeworth's hips into the mattress with an iron-grip, part of his mind trying to remember not to crush his partner while the rest focused on trying to bring out more of those noises out of the man. His cock was taken down, quickly and fluidly, tongue grazing the sensitive underside with each movement.

so this is kinda beyond late now. x_x; sorry.

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If the apology was heard, the Corinthian didn't show it, and he was a bit busy to acknowledge it even if he had. He knew Edgeworth was holding back on him; the man was nothing if not prideful, and as much as the nightmare enjoyed a challenge he needed a new way to push him closer.

Maybe if he sucked just a little harder, as he came back up....