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Who: Dream (Daniel), Edgeworth
What: A chance meeting.
Where: The Dreaming palace.
When: No particular time.
Warnings: None.

Edgeworth was in trouble. It took a while for this fact to truly sink in--the Dreaming is an endless source of distractions, many of them seemingly innocuous--but once it became clear that his companion wasn't going to find him then trepidation began to set in. He knew enough about this place to know that even the residents had to watch their steps at times. For the uninitiated or unwary, the Dreaming could be very dangerous indeed.

So it was that his pace gradually slowed, as he tried to decide whether it was prudent (or safe) to stop and wait for the Corinthian to track him down. Ordinarily that might be the wisest course, but this section of the palace gave him an uneasy feeling. It seemed an inordinately long time since he last saw any--

He drew to a sudden halt and stared down the hall he'd just come through, his eyes straining to catch any sign of movement. After a frozen minute, he scowled at himself and continued down the corridor with a determined stride. He'd find a more agreeable location, preferably something at least mildly familiar, then he'd wait patiently for the chance to chastise the nightmare for allowing him to get lost in the first place.

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There was, perhaps unfortunately, a light sense of movement just down the hall as he continued walking, the brief scuttling of tiny things in the shadows. But whatever it was, it was moving fast down the opposite way, and just as quickly the palace was silent and still again.

At least, until the next door he passed creaked open behind him, and suddenly the hall was filled with bright sunlight, and the sounds of a party, people laughing and talking and clapping in time to music. But this was also short lived as a man, all in white, stepped through and closed the door behind him.

"You should not be down here," he said mildly, his head tilting in an almost curious manner. But it was about all the reception Edgeworth was given before Dream turned back to the door, key suddenly in hand to lock it up.

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If the man did notice the effect his sudden appearance had caused in the other, he didn't show or acknowledge it. In fact, he....didn't seem to pay much attention to Edgeworth at all once he was finished. No, once everything was locked up and the key tucked away he started to walk the way Edgeworth had just come, as if he had forgotten the man completely.

But after making it just a few yards he paused and turned to Edgeworth again, a questioning look in his midnight eyes. "Ah, come then. Where was it that your guide was headed?"

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"That leaves quite a number of them," he replied once the man had caught up, and though he again started off without even a word of warning he did glance back, made sure Edgeworth was still with him.

"We could check each of the towers, however...." He walked with purpose, leading Edgeworth down the hall and through another door. The next hall was somewhat darker, deep reds and golds covering it and the rooms that surrounded it, but on the whole it was a wing that certainly felt more welcoming than the one before it. "He mentioned nothing else of them? The views they share are all rather unique...."

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Just as it may have made it difficult in turn for Edgeworth to see something that may have almost been amusement pass over Dream's face. He paused, and this time waited for Edgeworth to follow as he opened a new door, gesturing for the man to follow the stairs.

"At the moment there are several." He glanced out the closest window. "But that may change."

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With a small nod, Dream stepped away. "There is a guest room at the top of this tower you may wait in, provided that is where you stay until he arrives."

But rather then leaving right away, he lingered for a moment longer, and there was a pause as he seemed to debate on whether or not to ask his next question. But he needed to know. "Who is your guide, if I may ask?"

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Apparently, that answer would only hold them up longer. Dream looked up, a little surprised.

"The Corinthian?" Make that quite surprised. The look of curiosity was back, but there was also something considerably more critical in his gaze. "You are a....companion, of his?"

The way he phrashed his answer isn't helping much. XD

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Again, Dream nodded, though this time a bit absently while he continued to regard the other man.

"I see...." And this time, something that might have been a smile touched at the corner of his lips, though it had an almost sheepish edge to it. It was already rare enough as it was to meet one who claimed the nightmare as a friend.... "I did not realize. He is not normally the of nightmares, you see."

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"Very well, I should like to think." And that time it was a smile that crossed his face, genuine and maybe a bit relived, however brief it was. He nodded lightly at the stairs.

"May I join you, while you wait? I sometimes worry about guests traveling this place on their own."

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"I only hope that I prove to be good company." He led the way with another small smile, until they reached a small room lined with large windows that looked over the ocean, its surprisingly calm, ink black surface reflecting a brilliantly starred night sky.

And once Edgeworth had entered the room behind him, he glanced back, again curious. "I'm sorry, I....never asked your name."