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Who: Devit, Tyki
What: Devit briefly returns to his world to check on Tyki.
Where: Some random mine somewhere on the DGM world...
When: A while after this.
Warnings: None.

It'd been nearly a month since Tyki left to check in with the Earl. Normally he was gone for only a few days, maybe a week or two at best. Unfortunately, as anyone on the community could tell you, the longer someone was gone, the less likely it was they'd ever return, and even if they did manage to find their way back, the chances that they'd have all memories intact were slim.

That thought bothered Devit more than he liked to admit.

After giving it some thought, the younger Noah decided to seek Tyki out. Keeping his presence hidden from the Earl would be tricky, not to mention risky as all hell, but a strong urge pushed him forward. It wasn't just his Noah goading him to return home, this time; it was almost like he needed to know, and so it wasn't long before he found himself back on his own world.

In truth, the urge he felt was a faint glimmer of hope. If the community had taken Tyki and Cyril home, then the idea that it might've done the same to Jasdero wasn't out of the realm of possibility, right? And maybe Jasdero was there, at the Ark, waiting and wondering where Devit had gone. Even if he didn't have any memories of the community, the fact that he could be there, alive and waiting, spurred Devit on.

Finding Tyki first would be easier, though. Devit had asked (well, demanded really) around one of the last mines he remembered Tyki working at and was eventually able to track the older Noah down to another mine, which was where Devit currently found himself.

He lay low behind some outside equipment, waiting. When he finally caught sight of Tyki (in all his trashy, hobo glory, of course), he threw a small rock at the man's back and hoped that got his attention.

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Tyki yelped as the rock struck him in the back and turned, a befuddled look on his face. The other people walking with him exclaimed in surprise and anger when they realized what had happened, but the Noah waved them off as he caught sight of Devit.

"It's okay, you go on ahead. Just an old friend I ain't seen in a long time," Tyki drawled to his friends. "Think he's got critical brain damage or somethin'."

Reluctantly the others moved away and Tyki slouched towards Devit, hands in his pockets. "You gotta problem?"

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Tyki noticed the lack of makeup now that he was closer, and wondered if Devit were trying to blend in with human society. Of course that'd be hard given the gold eyes and grey skin he didn't seem inclined to fix like Tyki had.

He shrugged, running a hand through his hair. "Where do ya think?" he asked, jerking a thumb towards the little shanty town where he and his friends lived as they worked on the mine. "You been lookin' for me?"

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Tyki was really confused, to be honest. Devit had never come looking for him when he was at his other job, and the fact that he'd shown up now seemed like it had to be significant, but Devit wasn't getting to the point.

"Dunno what you mean," Tyki said, rubbing the back of his head. "Where's your other half, anyway?" he added, bemused. He assumed Jasdero was around somewhere nearby, but it was odd to see one of the twins without the other.

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Tyki eyed him, then glanced around. They were completely alone now, and as Tyki turned back to face Devit, he allowed his true face to show. His skin darkened along with his clothes, and he pulled off his glasses and pushed his hair back out of his face, taming it with a few swipes of his gloved hands.

"What's this all about, Devit?" he asked seriously, grinding the battered cigarette he'd been smoking under one perfect leather heel.