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Who: Edgeworth, The Corinthian
What: Inspired by this post. If Tyki made good on his threats to hide Edgeworth away on his world, there may be one person who could find him.
Where: The D.Gray-Man world.
When: Several days after Edgeworth's abduction.
Warnings: The aftermath of Very Bad Things, including rape and BDSM. May Will contain evidence or frank discussions thereof, reader discretion is advised.

By the time he woke, he couldn't remember the dream. All that lingered from it was a warm sense of reassurance that made his waking nightmare that much more painful. He groaned softly into the darkness—the monster was probably still gone, and even if he wasn't, at this point Edgeworth couldn't spare enough of his pride to care if Mikk heard. In only a matter of days he'd been stripped of so much of it. He had to save what was left, hoard every scrap for the important skirmishes.

He rolled over on the bed, or he would have, if he hadn't been left chained tightly to the head- and footboard. Slick satin sheets stuck to skin which he was beginning to think may never be clean again, clinging and damp and reeking of sex. A disappointed whimper escaped him before he could choke it down. Fighting a fleeting, traitorous desire for Mikk's return, he lay there and stared at the black ceiling.

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