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Who: Edgeworth, The Corinthian
What: Inspired by this post. If Tyki made good on his threats to hide Edgeworth away on his world, there may be one person who could find him.
Where: The D.Gray-Man world.
When: Several days after Edgeworth's abduction.
Warnings: The aftermath of Very Bad Things, including rape and BDSM. May Will contain evidence or frank discussions thereof, reader discretion is advised.

By the time he woke, he couldn't remember the dream. All that lingered from it was a warm sense of reassurance that made his waking nightmare that much more painful. He groaned softly into the darkness—the monster was probably still gone, and even if he wasn't, at this point Edgeworth couldn't spare enough of his pride to care if Mikk heard. In only a matter of days he'd been stripped of so much of it. He had to save what was left, hoard every scrap for the important skirmishes.

He rolled over on the bed, or he would have, if he hadn't been left chained tightly to the head- and footboard. Slick satin sheets stuck to skin which he was beginning to think may never be clean again, clinging and damp and reeking of sex. A disappointed whimper escaped him before he could choke it down. Fighting a fleeting, traitorous desire for Mikk's return, he lay there and stared at the black ceiling.

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Something had been very wrong. He hadn't thought too much of it, at first; missed calls, missed visits, they could have been coincidental. Edgeworth had always been a busy man, as he was always quick to remind the nightmare. But several days with no word between them was a little strange, even for him.

It was the dreams that really tipped him off. What should have been another routine nightmare, twisting right off the rails in a direction the Corinthian couldn't follow. He had to call it off. He had to keep the man sleeping, needed him to dream long enough to trace the thread of his subconscious, and when Edgeworth woke up....

The click of a switchblade answered the whimper, all too loud in the silence, as the nightmare looked around the darkened room. He couldn't say he knew exactly what he was supposed to be expecting, but so far the silence seemed reassuring enough. Even so, his voice was low when he spoke up. "Edgeworth....?

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"Edgeworth." It only took of few seconds for his sight to adjust to the dark, the shadows taking up vague shapes that he could just make out. Someone's room, from the look of it, and he didn't like the uneasy feeling that knotted up inside him at the thought.

A small movement at his side caught his attention. He turned toward it - to the bed, he noted after a moment of study - and was about to disregard it until the shape on it-- the figure laying on it, formed against the dark. And suddenly that feeling turned to lead in his chest.

He dropped to the side of the bed, a very long, very colorful string of curses filling the air, knife falling forgotten onto the sheets as he hastily fumbled with the nearest set of chains.

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He didn't need to see the man's state to guess what had happened, what had likely been happening for days now. The only answer Edgeworth got this time was a small grunt as he continued to fight with the restraints, but that was getting harder as the seconds passed; someone was going to pay for this. Someone was going to die, and it was taking all had to stay put, to not run off and find the one responsible. When his shaking fingers slipped from the chains a third time, he finally gave up. He gripped Edgeworth's hand tightly instead.

And half a moment later they were in the prosecutor's living room, and the nightmare quickly set his friend's body as carefully as he could onto the couch, checked over the extent of his injuries, his worry vanishing under the anger that etched itself deeper into his face with every passing second.
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"Hey, don't--" The Corinthian backed off as he moved, and seemed to hesitate for a moment before he helped the man sit up, gently, still fumbling over him with shaking hands. Too many injuries. Too many that probably could have been avoided altogether if he had tried to look for Edgeworth sooner, hadn't counted on his disappearance to be a happy coincidence. The rage swelled inside that much more at the thought; this time at himself, more than anyone.

When he finally managed a solid grip on Edgeworth's shoulder, he held it tight, and looked at him with a hard expression. "Who was it?"

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If Edgeworth had been hoping that the answer would placate the nightmare, that....wasn't quite the effect it had. If anything, the Corinthian's grip tightened further, before he caught himself, pulled his hand back and straightened up.

"No one can hide from me, Edgeworth," he said after a pause, a low growl lingering just under his tone. "You know that. Now who the hell is it?"
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The wince didn't go unnoticed, and the nightmare backed away immediately. He clentched his fists, watched the man for a moment. But he held back whatever it was he wanted to say.

Instead, the nightmare left the room. It wasn't for long; after a few minutes of him shuffling things around somewhere down the hall, he returned with a blanket in hand, handing it to Edgeworth as he took a seat beside him, mindful to keep his distance.

"You know damn well what will happen when I do." He kept his voice low, as tightly under control as he could, but there was no hesitation to his words. There was no point in trying to hide what his intentions were this time, not in the face of something like this. "I'm going to make sure it doesn't fucking happen again."

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And all at once, the Corinthian felt a small pang of guilt. His expression softened, the rage ebbing away just a little, and he ran a hand awkwardly through his hair as he looked away. Right. That wasn't what Edgeworth needed right now. He was still at a loss for what he did need, what else he could do for the situation, but dealing with the nightmare's own anger wasn't it, and he listened as calmly as he could.

His smirk came all too easily, though the voice behind it was still tight. "I'm a fucking nightmare, Edgeworth. Do you know just how much 'untouchable' means to something like me?"

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The tone wasn't lost on him, and the nightmare bristled just slightly under it, almost turned to him and almost snapped. He held it check, though nothing could hide the way his eyes narrowed.

"Then maybe his body won't be the part of him I bother with," he said after a pause.