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Who: Edgeworth, Belial
What: First meeting
Where: The courthouse
When: Late afternoon/early evening
Warnings: None as far as we know? :|a

Wherever Edgeworth went, he had a tendency to go with purpose. So while he may linger around the courthouse for hours after a trial, cornering witnesses or defense lawyers or performing dozens of undoubtedly crucial tasks, when he was finally ready to leave for the day he didn't waste any more time. He moved smoothly towards the exit, briefcase swinging heavily at his side and ears perked, listening for any important individual who might need to grab his attention at the last minute. That sort of interruption seemed unlikely, given how few people were left in the building at this hour, but there were a few judges who haunted the courthouse even later than him.

He made it to the exit without a hitch; there he paused before the grandiose doors, glaring at the sheets of rain pouring down on the marble steps beyond. There had been no hint of inclement weather that morning, and, being from Southern California, he was woefully unprepared.

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One of the judges did seem to be on his way out as well now, he and another man coming down the hall some ways from where the prosecutor stood. The two spoke in hushed tones as they walked, though the judge seemed....anxious. Jumpy and distressed, constantly looking around the area as he and the other walked. He practically jumped out of his own skin when his companion placed a heavy - and, from a distance, seemingly reassuring - hand on his shoulder.

And the moment the man broke contact, the judge all but made a break for it, walking briskly and just a little too hurriedly to the doors, and very nearly walking straight into Edgeworth as he exited the building. He was soaked almost as soon as he reached the pavement and took off down the street without a second look.

A moment later, the man he had been speaking with approached the doors as well. He stopped beside Edgeworth, a small gray bundle in hand, and looked off in the direction his companion had gone with a weary little sigh. "Twitchy sod forgot his umbrella."

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"And you both did pick the best possible day for that, now didn't you?" Belial replied, a smirk tugging at his lips that colored his tone. His dark eyes stayed on the rain outside, though, until the judge was long out of sight.

"I can understand when a tourist like myself has no idea what to grab before heading out, but I would've assumed you locals were better prepared than that." But the smirk was good natured, and with a small shake of his head Belial finally looked up, briefly eyed the man up and down, and held out the umbrella.

"Here. Seems our Mr. McLafferty won't be having much use for it anymore."

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"Sounds a bit like home, though they should be used to it," he said with a chuckle, already on his way out the doors

Was that question directed at him?

Well, it would make getting back to said home take just a little longer than he had intended, never did hurt mingle a bit while he was about. And the other appointment he'd had today had never never showed up. Maybe there'd be a chance to run into him on the way out, before he had to start looking for himself.

"I would appreciate that. I'll only trouble you as far as the nearest bus stop."

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He'd forgotten how much he didn't miss the weather in this city. And after that last little trip he should have sworn off ever visiting again at all, but it really was a hard place to stay away from for too long. Ever changing sights and ever changing people....

"That's all I ask for right now." A small nod in return, a quick buttoning up of his coat - the cold, too, he could have definitely done without, though it really was no worse than London - and he stepped under the protection of the umbrella once it was up, and tried to keep what he hoped at least looked like a polite distance from the other man. The space under the umbrella didn't allow for much; the eventual lack of effort was probably because of that.

"And thank you again, stranger," he continued after a moment, flashing Edgeworth a sharp smile before they moved. "I'd hate for pneumonia to be the only souvenir I take back from this place."

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The thanks was waved away, a small, almost amused smile on his face. But the further away Edgeworth drifted, the more rain that started to sneak through, and Belial popped up the collar of his coat against the wet and cold.

"England. Whitechapel, specifically." Despite the distaste that seemed to follow the city's name, his smile never wavered. "Just a quick visit to an old friend of mine, before I head home."

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"It is a beautiful country," he agreed with a quiet chuckle. "But yes, unless you're especially fond of hustlers and junkies, I can safely say that you really aren't missing out on too much."

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There they go, that was much better, and with the umbrella safely overhead again he looked up to give the man another small, seemingly grateful smile.

"Belinger," he replied. "And only a few more days, to wrap up some business."

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"Very well, in fact," Belial agreed, and his smile quirked into something a little more genuine, if not a little more smug. Yes, business was going well indeed.

"Considerably better than my last visit, actually. I always have loved this city. You meet the most interesting people."

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Again, Belial nodded. Yes, that he could definitely agree with. "You sound as if you've met your fair share of both."

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"Several years ago, yes." In that small little back room of the man's office building, panicked and desperate with the old man very nearly bleeding himself out just to get the attention of someone, anyone that would heed the call-- "I ran across him when he was having a bit of family trouble and I offered some aid. We've been rather close ever since."

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Whatever confession Edgeworth was hoping for, the non-committal hum of agreement was all the reply he got. At least at first.

After a few more moments, however, he sighed, and his expression was concerned when he glanced up again. "Just between us, he's....well, he's been struggling again as of late," he started, rather reluctantly, his tone holding all the guilt of one who probably shouldn't have been sharing such information in the first place,no matter how vague. "That's why I came. I'd feel a bit better about leaving if I knew somebody would at least look out for him on occasion and make sure he was all right."

Before he did something stupid, tried to find a way out and left someone else to pay the price he owed.