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Who: Edgeworth, Belial
What: First meeting
Where: The courthouse
When: Late afternoon/early evening
Warnings: None as far as we know? :|a

Wherever Edgeworth went, he had a tendency to go with purpose. So while he may linger around the courthouse for hours after a trial, cornering witnesses or defense lawyers or performing dozens of undoubtedly crucial tasks, when he was finally ready to leave for the day he didn't waste any more time. He moved smoothly towards the exit, briefcase swinging heavily at his side and ears perked, listening for any important individual who might need to grab his attention at the last minute. That sort of interruption seemed unlikely, given how few people were left in the building at this hour, but there were a few judges who haunted the courthouse even later than him.

He made it to the exit without a hitch; there he paused before the grandiose doors, glaring at the sheets of rain pouring down on the marble steps beyond. There had been no hint of inclement weather that morning, and, being from Southern California, he was woefully unprepared.
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Who: Edgeworth, The Corinthian
What: Inspired by this post. If Tyki made good on his threats to hide Edgeworth away on his world, there may be one person who could find him.
Where: The D.Gray-Man world.
When: Several days after Edgeworth's abduction.
Warnings: The aftermath of Very Bad Things, including rape and BDSM. May Will contain evidence or frank discussions thereof, reader discretion is advised.

Badness under the cut. )
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Who: Edgeworth, Charles Xavier, Erik Lensherr (X-Men: First Class)
What: The community thinks Edgeworth needs to get out more.
Where: Xavier Mansion
When: Mid-movie
Warnings: None.

Edgeworth had grown used to being deposited without warning in random locations. Thanks to the community's apparent sense of humor said locations were generally unpleasant. The sprawling grounds he now found himself in were exquisitely planned and perfectly manicured, so this little 'vacation' already looked like it may be a vast improvement over the rest.

At least, it might have been, if the community had seen fit to transport some proper clothes along with him. Dew-soaked pajama bottoms and an equally wet, bare chest certainly weren't appropriate to the surroundings. Cursing a bit more loudly than he intended, Edgeworth shot to his feet and cast his gaze nervously around the vast lawn and the beautiful, ivy-covered manse in the near distance, debating whether he should flee the scene or approach the residents for help. The latter seemed the most reasonable, but would require the fabrication of some story that could believably account for the absence of his clothing. He feared a lie that elaborate may be beyond his capabilities.
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Who: Dream (Daniel), Edgeworth
What: A chance meeting.
Where: The Dreaming palace.
When: No particular time.
Warnings: None.

Edgeworth was in trouble. It took a while for this fact to truly sink in--the Dreaming is an endless source of distractions, many of them seemingly innocuous--but once it became clear that his companion wasn't going to find him then trepidation began to set in. He knew enough about this place to know that even the residents had to watch their steps at times. For the uninitiated or unwary, the Dreaming could be very dangerous indeed.

So it was that his pace gradually slowed, as he tried to decide whether it was prudent (or safe) to stop and wait for the Corinthian to track him down. Ordinarily that might be the wisest course, but this section of the palace gave him an uneasy feeling. It seemed an inordinately long time since he last saw any--

He drew to a sudden halt and stared down the hall he'd just come through, his eyes straining to catch any sign of movement. After a frozen minute, he scowled at himself and continued down the corridor with a determined stride. He'd find a more agreeable location, preferably something at least mildly familiar, then he'd wait patiently for the chance to chastise the nightmare for allowing him to get lost in the first place.
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Who: Edgeworth, Luck Gandor
What: Time to schmooze.
Where: The annual policeman's ball in Los Angeles, CA
When: Middle of a winter's weekend evening, December 2021
Warnings: None.

The Policeman's Ball seemed to get more insufferable every single year. Given the way the previous year's event had ended, this didn't bode well for Edgeworth's evening.

Of course, the fact that he went into it expecting to be miserable may have had something to do with the boredom he was wallowing in thus far...or perhaps it was his aloof demeanour and those cool stares that kept all but the most determined partygoers at bay. Either way, he wasn't enjoying himself and he seemed hellbent on making the rest of the world aware of this fact.

That is, until he was cornered by his superior, who asserted that he owed the department a debt over the fiasco he had a hand in the previous year and isn't this the perfect opportunity to pay them back? Despite his vehement protests he was shuffled from one knot of people to the next and forced to 'play nice' with the department's chief benefactors under the threat of severe repercussions. By the time he thought he would be released from duty, he was a hair's breadth away from fleeing the party altogether, which was apparently just fine by his supervisor...provided he schmoozed one final guest first.

Left alone, Edgeworth discreetly watched the man from a short distance, studying the cut and quality of his clothes, his company, his grooming. He nursed his champagne (the fourth glass of the night), and once his assigned target was himself alone Edgeworth finally approached him.

A few minutes. Just a few minutes of civil conversation, then he could excuse himself and retreat to his castle and his dog and his own bottle of rich, red wine.

"Mr. Gandor?"
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Who: Quatre Raberba Winner, Miles Edgeworth
Warnings: LAZINESS




A boy of about 16 approaches the buffet table!]
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Who: Edgeworth, the Corinthian (II)
What: The Corinthian wants to introduce his boyfriendo to a new method of relaxation~
Where: The Corinthian's citadel
When: Late evening
Warnings: Kinkiness and sexy tiems.

The evening began with a film at Mann's Chinese Theater, continued with dinner and drinking at a quiet, out of the way place in Tuscany, and ended in the Corinthian's cavernous bedroom. With his mood well lubricated by glass after glass of fine red wine, Edgeworth was more eager than usual to follow the natural progression of events. His willingness to demonstrate that fact was even more uncharacteristic; as soon as the large, black bed was in sight, he sauntered toward it, untying his jabot as he walked.

"You did say you won't be needed again until tomorrow evening?"
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Who: Edgeworth, the Corinthian (II)
What: A celebration is interrupted by an old favorite virus.
Where: Edgeworth's apartment
When: Mid-evening
Warnings: None

Sieghard was waiting by the door long before the jangling of keys preceded their entrance into the apartment. Edgeworth greeted the dog with a few gentle pats, leading him out of the doorway to allow their guest room to enter.

"Can I get you anything?" he asked, for once mindful of his duties as host. "There should still be a few beers left from the last time you were here."

Sieghard moved on to the Corinthian, planting himself at the nightmare's side and sniffing curiously at his hand before greeting him with a lick.

Tea time~

Jul. 12th, 2010 10:00 pm
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Who: Cyril, Tyki, Edgworth
Where: Cyril's lovely estate
When: Afternoon
Warnings: NSFW-ness and gratuitous smut? :3

It was a lovely day to spend time in the garden. The sky was clear, the air was fresh, and there was a cool breeze to offset the heat of the sun overhead. Honestly, it couldn't have been any more perfect if Cyril had planned it. Smiling to himself, the Noah withdrew a pocket watch from his vest and checked the time, giving a brief nod to one of his servents as she set a teapot on the table.

"Thank you, dear." Tucking the watch back into his vest, he looked up and flashed a brilliant smile at Tyki, who was sitting across from him. "It's ten to three," he said, watching the servant from the corner of his eye as she continued to set the table with three saucers, three tea cups, a bowl of sugar, and some biscuits. "He should be arriving any minute."
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Who: Miles Edgeworth, Shadow!Bourne (David Webb's shadow)
What: David Webb has fallen victim to a lingering remnant of the Persona world's Shadow-creating fog, and the community has randomly decided his shadow should pay the AA world a visit.
Where: The streets of LA, a couple of blocks from Edgeworth's destination.
When: Late evening, mid-week. Sometime after the Shadow event. (non-canon DDD-verse)
Warnings: Shadow!Bourne, which should be enough of a warning in and of itself.

The foot traffic had lessened considerably by the time Edgeworth finally headed out for dinner. It had been sparse when he'd taken Sigi out for his walk nearly an hour earlier. Now, late on a weekday evening and with only work to look forward to the following morning, most of the pedestrians had already made their way home. Which suited Edgeworth quite well--he always disliked crowds, and he relished the prospect of having the restaurant mostly to himself. The staff at his favorite Italian place were always attentive, of course, but they were even more so when they only had to divide their considerable resources and talents between a few customers.

Edgeworth quickened his pace at the thought, eager to finally eat the first substantial food he'd had all day. Vending machine wares were hardly enough to sustain a man, especially one who'd been working himself even more than usual that week in an effort to stay on top of a complicated case.
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Who: Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth
What: Non-canon AU; Edgeworth mourns the loss of his friend, Phoenix Wright, who died several weeks ago. (OR DID HE?)
Where: Edgeworth's home, deep in the south
When: Night time, late 19th Century

- - -

Phoenix was well aware that he shouldn't be there. He'd been told several times--warned, even--to forget the life he'd had before, that even if he sought the people who once knew him, nothing would or could ever be the same. What they didn't understand, however, was that Miles Edgeworth was not a man one could so easily forget.

It started three nights ago. Phoenix had stood outside the other man's window, trying to drum up the courage to face him, even at the risk of being reviled, possibly pursued. Such a gamble, he reasoned, was as much for Edgeworth's benefit as Phoenix's own, selfish desire to see his old friend again. Edgeworth had had one too many people unexpectedly ripped from his life with little to no closure; Phoenix decided he would not be another.

So it was now, on the fourth night, that the once defense attorney stood outside Edgworth's window, staring at the drawn curtains on the other side of the glass. He didn't know if the window was locked, and he didn't intend to find out through any underhanded means. Instead, he lifted his hand and knocked four times at a very practiced, specific tempo. Hopefully, Edgeworth would remember the code from their younger days.
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Who: Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright
What: The No Consequences virus turns out to be conveniently timed.
Where: Edgeworth's Apartment
When: Non-canon DDD, Christmas Eve 2020

Under these circumstances, the view was surprisingly enjoyable. With his third glass in hand, it was easy enough to let his vision lose focus as he stared down at the city below, blurring the scene just enough so that the street, festooned with garlands and covered in gaudy decorations, became only a painting of lights, brilliant and non-specific.

Edgeworth glanced over at his companion; Wright had far more reason to enjoy the sight, and his gentle smile testified that he was doing just that. Edgeworth's lips quirked in return, the smallest flash of movement on his pale, otherwise impassive face, then he turned back to the view, leaning more heavily on the railing and taking a sip of his wine.

This did seem to be well on the way to becoming a tradition.
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Who: Miles Edgeworth, Tyki Mikk
What: Tyki decides to finally teach Edgeworth that lesson.
Where: Edgeworth's Apartment
When: AU/non-canon DDD, after Tyki finds out his friendship with Phoenix is beyond repair

May or may not turn into a lesson of the naughty kind. You have been warned. )


Aug. 31st, 2009 08:42 pm
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Who: Miles Edgeworth, Sokka
What: The community decides Edgeworth could use a short vacation.
Where: Avatar-verse
When: Random date, pre-The Library episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Since Edgeworth joined the community, waking up in strange locations (or strange company) had become an all too common occurrence. The last two times he’d suddenly found himself in a forest had resulted in a (recurring) case of Typhoid and a short, terrifying stay on Jurassic Park, so it's with a healthy measure of trepidation that he pushes himself into a sitting position and stares around the moonlit campsite he’d been dropped into, struggling to make out details in the limited light.
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Who: Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright
What: Personal virus affecting Edgeworth.
Where: Edgeworth and Phoenix's home.
When: Saturday morning.

He awakened slowly, as he usually did on the weekends. He drifted lazily out of sleep, allowed himself those precious minutes of half-consciousness, and then, finally, spared a few more moments on the simple pleasure of a soft bed below him and a warm comfor--

A warm limb, stretched casually across his chest... When peripheral vision showed him the vague, somewhat flattened outline of dark spikes beside him Edgeworth was lost in a few panicked seconds of deja vu. He tensed and turned his head to stare at the (unfortunately familiar) form huddled beside (and, dear god, on top of) him.